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ive  been rebuilding old boats my entire life. Being stuck in the boatyard with thousands of dollars of bills, a short season and an unsailable boat sucks. My next boat will be near new, just enough for two and I will sail that little girl till we are all  old and grey.

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It’s hard to imagine a better boat than Sookie but I simply want more space, a big fat Diesel engine  to support electronic navigation and a diesel fired heater with thermostatic control, I love living aboard and can’t imagine ever not wanting to.   I’m writing this post from my new I-pad and am shocked at how much easier it is than It was on my I-phone. Like a new boat small improvements make all the difference in the world.

My budget is small and I hope to find a new boat.  Id like it to fit into a thirty for slip if possible and have a tiller.  I have pretty much given up on a BCC as I can’t find one near as nice as Sookie for under 150k. I will never work more than three months a year so that boat has been crossed  off the list as have most small traditional  boats

The  Dana 24 still sits up there near the top as does the Crealock 31.  I’m also looking at more modern boats with Finn keels capable of offshore passages such as the HR 31 and the new Catalina 315.

in the meantime I will continue to sail and maintain Sookie to the highest standards adding small and thoughtful upgrades as I go. With a little luck she just may be staying in my family forever, giving me the freedom to eventually have a boat in both the Northern  and Southern Hemisphere.

Sitting in front of the fire I still have no shoes and my clothes are strangling me. I miss running naked through my private little South Pacific jungle and the warm tropical air. For now it’s endless boat searches, work and good wine in front of the fire reminding me that all of this is worth it. It’s amazing how the universe can strip us of everything, bring us to our knees and them wham like being hit across the side of the head with a 2×4 she gives it all back 10 fold. When it rains it pours.

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