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I can’t imagine anything better in life than a day on my little Brompty.  I had all sorts of errands to run and while I have a big new SUV at my disposal the Brompton was calling my name.  I rode the path along the rivers edge into town.  Two bike shops a cup of coffee, a little mingling and showing of my folding steed and lots of window shopping at my local REI.

I stopped at the university for a cold beer and more show and tell, I love Eugene and all of its hippie weirdness.  Back on the trail I worked my way back to the winery to end my day with a bit of live music and a glass of my favorite Cab.  Riding my little  Brompty is just about the most fun I can imagine, smiling from ear to ear, the wind on my face and a nice beer from the local microbrew set the weekend buzz into motion.  I swear there are days when I just want to mount this little girl and Ride her forever. I wonder how long it would take to ride her around the world, not that I would be in a hurry.

Little Sookie is only half the package, she gets me there and provides a roof over my head but once I arrive my two wheeled chariot shows me the sights, makes new friends and adds one more memory to the bank.  I’m excited to explore every inch of the islands but for now this quirky little town always has something new to offer.  Winter riding is a far cry from the lazy summer days I spent exploring this town by bike in the hundred degree balmy winds but winter in the PNW isn’t really winter.

She’s all cleaned up and ready for a weekend at the coast.  I envision fresh eggs and bacon, a hot latte and a fire place to warm my frozen bones between rides to here, there and everyehere. I’ve got good tunes in the iPhone, my tiny bag is packed and I don’t have anywhere to be till Tuesday.  Life is good when you have a bike…

As a kid I had a dream – I wanted to own my own bicycle. When I got the bike I must have been the happiest boy in Liverpool, maybe the world. I lived for that bike. Most kids left their bike in the backyard at night. Not me. I insisted on taking mine indoors and the first night I even kept it in my bed. ~ John Lennon, The

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