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Some call it hoarding but I call it provisioning.  I love stocking the boat with everything from booze to snacks, at least four months worth at a minimum.  I take my empty pack every few days looking for bargains on all my favorite foods. Crunchy foods, salty foods, sweets and everything I between.  Sookie makes for a perfect buyout boat and that’s my big Delema this year.

Falmouth cutter 22

She has been sitting in storage and her hull should be nice and dry by now or at least close.  I owe her a new epoxy bottom coat but it can’t be done where she sits.  If I ever want to take her to warmer waters it’s a must but comes with a drying penalty of at least 6 months,.  If she is not completely dry not only will it not help her but rapidly accelerate the process.  Far to many brainwashed surveyors over look hydrolysis but it’s an unseen killer and their evil Malloy won’t find it. The older the boat the worse the problem.  I have actually seen clean vertical splits right at the bulkhead through every layer of glass.

So for me the on going question is when and where will I do my bottom job.  I can’t do it where she sits so that would mean trailering her to Bellingham for half the project and then trailering her to Port Toensend to finish her up.  While I’m there I can install her new wind vane and heater having all the tools I could ask for and a very special tribe of hard core sailors to play with while I’m in the neighborhood.  If I don’t do it this year than means Sookie will have to be layed up again next year and that would suck having her ready for anything and in the boatyard.

its hard to choose when I can just splash her and head north but all this playing is catching up to my future which is starting to get impatient.  In theory I could take her to Laz Paz and do the work there but I’ve started in on my fun list and really want to have everything I need at my finger tips.  It’s during these scheduled refits that I thank my lucky stars I don’t have an inboard engine and all the headache and cost they bring to the table not to mention the smell and wasted space which brings me back to food.  They say you can buy food anywhere and you can unless you don’t have any money.  Stocking my little boat to the brim means I can bug out anytime I feel the need without a care in the world and that’s wher my brain is. It also means I can throw every cent I earn for months at a time into doing her up right, it’s a nice little insurance policy. Do I bug out and play or finish this last heinous project.  I suspect my living situation will decide for me as I have nowhere to live but the boat and can’t live in the boatyard so…yes all first world problems but hey, I’m a first world type of guy.

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