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For years I have been toying with the idea of building a hobby farm to winter over on and rent out during the summer seasons and support my voysging ways.  While their is no such thing as sustainable living their is a more sustainable living.  I have decided to build my first of what will be serveral tiny homes on a working farm.  A place to do my winter writing and for the new puppy that will eventually join the mix to run and play, I can’t see life without a furry companion at my side.

island life

I’ve been reading Controlled Jibe for years now, always wondering how they find the energy to work so hard, now its my time to find out.  Goats for milk, chickens for eggs and as many gardens and fruit trees as I can fit on my tiny piece of nirvana.  None of the animals will ever be for eating but all will provide enough food with pleanty to spare for the food bank.  I envision the Hobbits Shire and am looking for a sunny rolling and tiered property.  The entire farm will be organic meaning no power tools of any kind and all produce will be delivered behind my Brompton on a trailer.  I spent countless hours on my little beach in Hawaii making drawings for what I was hoping to build in those islands but instead have decided to build in the San Juan’s where I can always have Sookie standing by to escape north to the BC coast during the spring when my only company will be the Eagles.  I don’t ever want to get on a plane again unless I’m sitting left seat.

A wood fired jacuzzi in the green house and an outdoor covered kitchen with a large fire pit will be the heart and soul of the farm with a tent cabin and hot outdoor shower for guests.  As much as I love the sea I need my dirt time for now, and this will give my bare feet all the dirt they need while giving me enough propose and hard work to keep me forever young.  I’ve traveled enough to know the San Jaun Islands are by far the safest place on earth and fully capable of creating the most sustainable living I can.  It’s also a world away from the insanity that is going on across the straits on the mainland.  The world is on fire and will only grow more and more angry but the shire will be a small safe haven from the masses of zombies.  I hope to find my property by spring, all are welcome to come for a visit and relax, drink my wine and even bang a few nails or milk the goats if you feel like getting your hands dirty.  People are always saying the apocalypse is coming, it’s already here friends.  It’s time to create a reasonable life somewhere between the surf and turf.  

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