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My second day in Maui walking in the morning sun I thought I was hallucinating.  Walking towards me was a beautiful girl draped in a short white translucent gown.  A light rain driven by 80 degree balmy winds and the backlighting from the early sun made this a perfect scene.  She followed her pet pig to me and a new friendship was formed.
From Argentina she was a close talker, laud and exaggerated. Arms flailing in the wind we both shard the same excitement for life. I would later learn that she is a famous raw food specialist.  Sitting on the porch of her bungalow, wind howling and a full moon rising she pored me a smoothie and handed me her joint.  I’m not a pot smoker but when in Rome…I could feel my body being charged by the magical elixire.  Maui could have been the perfect get away and in many ways was but timing is everything and I really had no interest in being there at the time.  Now so far removed, my tan still lingering but fading with each new day I wonder when it is that I will go back to the jungles of Hawaii, I can already hear her calling my name.

I’ve been in detox for a decade from corperate America and suspect it may be another decade before both my mind and body have healed from the toxicity of that way of life.  Living in the city I can feel my body slowly dying, traffic, angry people everywhere and the convenience of processed food on every corner and every channel of a TV I seem to watch daily even though I haven’t found the need for one in over a dozen years.  That raw food diet that she raved about every day glowed on her fresh soft skin, it emulated in her bright smile and radiated off of her sun kissed body.

One thing for sure a partial raw food diet is in the making in my life once I have recaptured it, once I have escaped the madness.  I have a fist full of recepeis and will start to experiment with my own when I return to Sookie.  I’m doing ok with my quitting smoking and research is telling me that smoking a hand rolled oorganic ciggi every time I get the urge for niccotine will help curve the craving and perhaps break the bond once and for all.

All I really know is that I’ve been blessed genetically and feel that my physical has room to grow.  Years ago I was dragged into the forrest by a band of gypsy girls, they named me Stormy and told me of a long journey I would soon be on.  A huge part of me was killed on my little beach in Hawaii, the part of me that I never needed or wanted. Society in general takes its toll on us but it doesn’t mean we can’t find a new home, a new way of living and a new life.  That little beach taught me and provided me with everything I need emotionally in life and while the jungle was hard on me, it also taught me what I don’t need.  I write few notes in my journal, the last line reads, there is time for everything in this life when it’s the right time. I smile when I think about that little beach knowing full well I can recreate it anywhere I want at anytime I choose. It was that little beach that taught me that the fight I’ve been fighting for so many years wasn’t at all what I thouht it was.  Now I see my battle has always been for freedom and not being tied down”….

Do not believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.” R. Bach

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