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In about three weeks I will start my pilgrimage back to Sookie my little man cave and eventually back to Friday Harbor.  Unless a miricle happens Sookie is going straight back into the water, her new epoxy coat will have to wait till next year.  The plan was to have her in Port Townsend by last September but the finest laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

Galley wench

Her heat and windvane are ready to be installed, bits and pieces of rigging measured and ready to be ordered and one new sail, an asym is ready to be cut.  It’s been busy around here and now I need to prioritize my list.  If I was 25 I could push her out today and sail her anywhere but I’ve grown lazy and cautious as my days roll on.  The dumbest thing I could do is just point her to Canada and blow off yet another season of work and I wonder if that’s just what I will do. Either way I have a few months to figure it out but I just can’t stand the thought of not sailing north for the summer.  Last year it was painfully difficult caring for Chloe and even leaving her on the boat for short bits to go for a hike had my stomach in knots.  That girl could get herself into quite a bit of trouble on the boat.  This year it will be different, I don’t have to worry about weather or time my crossings for potty breaks.  I don’t have to worry about what would happen in a worse case sinerio if the boat was lost,  getting a frail dog into a crappy rubber dink in storm conditions with angry rocky shores…  There is a lot of safety planing and strategy when you have little paws to care for.  This year I’m free of all of it so a different shipbord plan will be in order, more hiking, more exploring and more pushing little Sookie in the rough stuff. Sea trials are one of my favorite things and also a very important step in learning how far this little ship can be pushed.

It’s grey and cold today, I didn’t go for my morning ride, another day of my life I will never get back.  I sit in silence wondering if I will do the right think, suck it up find work and finish the boat or just say fuck it and go sailing.  I can’t image where this year will find me but I’m with stupid so anything can happen.  I look across at my pile of newly aquired winter clothing, it’s going to be damn cold on the boat when I get there with no heat and I will have to sneak around as I’m not allowed to stay on the boat in the boatyard.  I have to be patient, a new adventure is in the making and it will start right where the last one ended, on a little piece of freedom I like to call Sookie.

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