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It’s been six or seven years now since I committed to living a car free existence.  I honestly didn’t think I would make it a single week but now so many years have passed I can’t even remember.  I can’t imagine how much money it has saved me but it easily pard for my little boat.  My goal this year is to use less than 3 gallons of fuel in my little outboard although if it runs or doesn’t run like it did last year I won’t use more than a pint.


My trusty little Brompton sits in the corner patently waiting for our next adventure and it will be here soon enough.  Our tour of Maui is only a distant memory as my tan slowly fades but she proved her worth ten times over and has earned a permanite spot on little Sookie.  In over 700 miles she never let me down.


Somehow between all the things I have planned this year I have promised her a solid month long tour before the end of the summer and who knows what warm winter paradise we will find when the PNW is frozen over.  We both learned a lot during our month long stay in the Hawaiian islands and will use that knowledge to improve upon next years trip, Cuba if I have all my ducks in a row.


Living the simple life isn’t just good for the soul, its also very easy on the pocket book.  Somewhere half way up the side of Mt Haleakala bitching and moaning at the freezing rain a car stopped and offered me a ride.  I smiled and declined, thanks but I’m here on vacation, cars remind me too much of work.  They thought me as crazy as I thought them.  Bikes will get you anywhere you choose to go and the best part is you can eat all the pizza and chocolate you like ang never gain a pound.   I’ve said it before, nothing in the world makes me smile the way I do when I’m riding my little Brompty.

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