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Living in a greedy world of me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, must be the loneliest planet in the solar system.  A new generation has developed where it seems everybody is out for them selfs.  I say it seems because it’s not true.  Stranded on a desert island I was introduced to more love and support than mere words  could ever describe.  Paying it foreward is tough when you have little more than words to offer.  My last good deed before saying my goodbyes to the geckos and palms was to give away my most prised  possession,  my ukulele.

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I felt a surge of pain when I handed it over which told me I was doing the right thing, to give freely is the greatest gift we can ever possess.  I see two kinds of people in this world, the givers and the takers.  They say that misery loves company and I see it every day miserable, whining, complaining unhappy people always looking to buy and sell their way to happiness, I run from them like the Plague. I’m sad to say but If it isn’t in your heart it will never manifest in your life.  Eventually we all get back what we put out there, karma is a bitch.

Walking through the marina I see so many neglected dreams, these boats once powerful and proud now filthy run down and necgelted.  Is  it a sign of our greed, that once we obtain something it no longer matters to us? Maybe the dream if far different than the reality.  Boat ownership isn’t a shiny article or a few data bites on a blog post, it’s a full time job, on top of a full time, job on top of a full time job.

When I adopted Sookie, I new full well what I was getting into, not only time wise but also the mamoth amount of money that would need to be generated to bring her back into her full glory.  I didn’t do it for myself though, well on many levels I did but every step of the way I knew I was building her for a second set of bare feet that would eventually pitter patter across her decks.  She is my master and my servant but also my writing platform and calling card.  She is my way of giving back to all the sailing writers who carried me through those cold snowy land locked winters when at times I felt like I would never achieve the simple life of living aboard and sailing a well found pocket cruiser.  She is my way of paying it foreward by sharing my life aboard, the ups and downs, in complete and naked honesty.

I’ve never once asked for anything for myself through this blog and I doubt I ever will but I will be putting my hand out in the very near future.  I’m sitting on a book that again is in re write but soon enough I will call it good enough for government work.  It will be a life long process as it has taken me an entire lifetime to gain the knowledge to write it and it will be continually updated. You see them everywhere sailors parroting bad and inaccurate advice either never learned or learned from the wrong person.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been gifted a dozen generations of knowledge from some of the greatest sailors and boat builds on the planet earth, something that needs to be shared and I will, it’s time to pay it foreward.

If I see one more book or blog post telling you, you can buy a half sunk boat and sail it around the world, or a crappy production day sailor and circumnavigate I think I might actually go postal.  These people are writing to pad their own bottom line and or their ego suggesting you do what that they more than likely have not and never would do because they know how incredibly fucking stupid it would be.  Some of them do practice what they preach but as prossional mariners they have the skills to do this, suggesting that a newbie can do what they do is down right dangerous.  I continually ask myself who I am writing for and the answer is always myself, but my bottom line isn’t padding my bank account, it’s simply sharing one of the gazillions of ways to do things in this life.

So I’m searching for the best animal rescue on the planet.  When the book is done it will be given freely in digital format to those who donate to my charity.  This may seen greedy but I figure if you can’t afford to donate you can’t afford to buy your first boat and that’s what the book is.   A very simple guide to buying your fist boat with dozens of real life examples  of success and failure I have whitenesed first hand including my own.  Hundreds of links and photographs.  This book dispels all the myths out there.  There is far too much fiction in the sailing world, this little book will demistify the process and it’s written so a seven year old can understand it.  When it comes to sharing knowledge Mi Casa Es Su Casa, ask and you shall receive…

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