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It’s been said that the safest place for a ship is in the harbor but ships are meant to be at sea.  I don’t mean to sound ungreatful  but I’m literally desperate enough to chew my foot off to get back home to the islands. 

I’ve been living in a beautiful large warm home on a hill. Every night I have meals made from scratch, good company and as many hot showers as a sailor boy can take.  I want for nothing in the sense that I am taken care in every way, shape and form.  Despite all of this I am a desperate soul.  I wasn’t meant to live a life in the lap of luxury.  I’m an explorer, an adventurer and an escape artist. It’s through toil that I prevail, I live my life through constant experience, I can’t sit still.  I am a nomad, a loner, a hermit.  I’d rather spend my days with one good person than a dozen mediocre ones.  I do great in Social settings but it’s not my cup of coffee.

Give me the challenge of a storm, the wind in my face.  Let me be challenged by wild animals and wild encounters.  I am man, there are so very few of us left but make no mistake I am the top of the food chain.  I would kill or die for the freedom that fills my lungs, my heart and my soul.  I’ve never once taken a risk in my life, I take rewards, the payoff is freedom.  If your sitting around wasting your life thinking something will change, it won’t. Think of all the things you could have done by now with all of the time you wasted thinking about doing them.  

“Somebody ought to tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit every minute of every day. Do it, I say, whatever you want to do, do it now.” — Michael Landon

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