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I can’t image life without this little blog. Just  like a body builder needs to lift weights every day to stay strong a writer must write every day to keep the flow flowing.  Of course my life isn’t ecactly exciting but a few descent snap shots adds a bit of spice to a dry and bland dinner.

Blogging from my iPhone was a challenge but a few months into it I proved if nothing else it’s possible, I was a bit shocked at the quality of the images taken on my old iPhone. Their not great but substantially better than they appeared in the camera.  I don’t care where I’m going or what I’m doing I have my camera with me.


I’ve used everything form a $15.00 Craigslist point and shoot to high end amature cameras on this blog and the old saying it’s not about the camera is certainly true to a point.  Trying to shoot video with my 6 year old DSLR was a complet failure but I will try again this year using an upgraded version of the exact same camera.   I’m going to have to wait for my new lens as it has gone on a cross country road trip without me but eventually I know it will make it into my hands. Until I figure a way to load the images onto my iPad it doesn’t matter because I will have no way of sharing them.  My latest addiction is to Instagram and I’m absolutely in love.  Not the warm squishy love like the kind I have for Jessica Alba but more of a learning through watching type of love.  There are so many amazing photos I can’t get enough.  I’ve also made a surprising new amount of friends there, you know what they say… Birds of a feather flock together.

Regardless of what it is I’m shooting with, I’m always shooting.  I take pictures of everything, everywhere  I go every day of my life.  There was a time when I was a young budding pro and rookie of the year.  The guy all the pros kept a close eye on.  Those day are long gone, now I’m just a happy crusty old snap shooter but still in love with the sport every bit as much as the the first day I picked up a real camea.

My bug out bag is filled with camera gear, my writing platform what ever flavor it may be at the time and a lucky pair of panties that was given to me in the oddest of situations, but I’m superstitious and like I was told to do I carry them everywhere I go. They make a great wrap for my camera as my old blood stained Domke complete with a bullet hole has been retired.  I remember the good old days when I would process my film by the light of a single candle in a slow babbling brook  First the developer and then the fix, using simple metal bowl. It was surprising easy to process film anywhere in the world I found myself. These days the digital platform isn’t quite as free and we carry a hell of a lot mor gear but I always know I can grab my iPhone and hit the road and still consider myself a serious amature.  Just like riding a bike, photography is one of life’s simple joys that takes us back to our childhood. We can do it anywhere we choose in any fashion and never needed anything more than that special place somewhere between shadow and darkness formed deep in the recesses of our imagination.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 

― Pablo Picasso

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