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Every time I think my life can’t possibly get any better it does, go figure.  I walked into the office before noon and announced that I was drunk.  It wasn’t a secret ploy to get fired, I’ve already given my notice but I do have short timers disease. Not only did I not get fired but I was handed a giant bottle of private reserve whiskey to fill the man can.

My task for the day, simple as it may seem was to top 55 casks of world class wine.  It took me all day but I prevailed and in the process tasted every single last one of them, it was like playing 99 bottles of beer on the wall only with thick perfectly fermented Oaky Cabs.  I stumbled through the isles of super stores getting this and that and everything I can’t afford in the islands.  Not only is it dirt cheap here but there is no sales tax.  I have to be careful but if I do everything goes  right I will have ecactly enough to launch Sookie and that’s where the adventure begins, the sailing season is here.

You can blame it all on her big sister Seraffyn and some day I might write the story of how we met but that’s a story for another day.  Long before Seraffyn came into my life and before I knew anything of Lyle Hess a miricle much like to day transformed my life.  I was standing in the breezeway at Ron Pearsons marine fuels on Shelter Island when I saw the most beautiful yacht I had ever seen in my life coming into the Marina.  I’m my usual insanely enthousiastic way when it comes to fine yachts or living in general my head nearly exploded.  I went running down the ramp, launched 6 feet through the air and landed in the cockpit of the most beautiful yacht I had ever seen in my life.  I fired off questions like a machine gun in battle and Roger Olsen the owner of Sam L Morse and the man who built Sookie smiled with pride from ear to ear as he patiently answered each and every one of them.  That was the day I decided my future but it wasn’t fate that intervened that day, it was my destiny.  

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink, when they wake up that’s the best they will feel all day.  Frank Sinatra 

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