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It isn’t often that I actually envy myself but today I do. Im having an absolute awesome year but it’s certainly been one of letting go, stripping my life to its very basics essence and now rebuilding in my typical grab the bull by the tail and look him square in the eye fashion.  You might think you have a man cave, but if it doesn’t have a Man Can you are sadly mistaken…you better Axe somebody.

It all started when I finally realized that if I didn’t pull a classic Stormy and blow my wad, that I have exactly enough money to get home, launch Sookie and perhaps not even starve to death in the first month.  Then it happened, I found the perfect camera that I couldn’t afford but must to have to complete my expedition/bug out/man cave arsenal. It was one of those deals that will be gone in a milasecond, I wheeled and dealed and it was sure to be mine if I could get there before the other people coming to buy it.  My ride, now an hour late was starting to concern me, I sent a message.  Are you ever coming home?  No reply, I thought my luck was running out so I sent a letter to the seller now two hours after I was scheduled to buy the camera, SOLD!     DAMMIT!  I felt just a bit releaved because there was no way I could afford this camera and the universe was smiling at me by depriving me of my most loved way of seeing the world, through the lens.

Back to my business of getting home I was once again side tracked and found the true paterfamilious of cameras and deals.  Hard as I try to negotiate this guy wouldn’t budge an inch or hold the camera till I could get to Portland to pick it up, I even offered to send an imideate non refundable deposite, no, no, no, first come first sale.  By some rare miricle I scored a ride two hours north the very next day and now am the proud owner of a brand spanking new to me, very lightly used studio kept DSLR. This thing looks like it is straight out of the box, has very low miles on it and is ready to go. I ordered a lens from eBay but sent it to the wrong address so we will see when I actually get to go shooting but it’s all coming together.

I knew that there was no way I could afford to go this route but I also couldn’t afford not to. That’s how I get shit done, by just doing it.  The best part of the puzzle was an hour later at the wine supply store when I was more than admiring the Man Can, a 64 ounce mini steel wine keg when the owner handed it straight to me as a gift for reasons still unkown.  This thing is stupid awesome and will officially complete the man cave, best of all it’s an instant party disguised in a clean and sanitary yet reusable drinking utensil.  I’m surely convinced that this is the Univeses way of congratulating me on my continued boneheadedness that keeps this whole gravy train rolling.  It’s also a reminder, not that I need one of how awesome the world is when we let it be.

Step off the cliff and a net will appear.  I don’t know who wrote this but it could have been me.

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