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There has been a lot of talk and negative hype over the last few years with Xtratuf moving to China.  It recently spilled over to this site so I’m going to nip it in the bud right here and now.


When any company is forced to move off shore it’s a sad day but not a bad thing. The alternative is doubling the price and going bankrupt.  Or continuing to lose money hand over fist and going bankrupt.


When Xtratuf moved to China they didn’t do it for their bottom line, they did it for us.  Unfortunately the way of made in the USA has gone away for the most part.  A clear example is my $30.00 day pack that cost nearly $150.00 because it was made in the USA.


I don’t like buying shit from China but when I have to I will, case in point my Xtratufs.  The ones I have were literally the last pair of size nine for sale in the free world.  When I kill them I will happily replace them with the Chinese version.


I say happily because they are not. Just  a pair of rubber boots, they are a way of life, a best friend and literally a piece of who I am.  I should also note that for me there is little in this world that I find to be more sexy than a girl in her Xtratufs.


I have purchased serveral pairs over the years that were made in Chna including a pair of size seven just this week.  They are made from the exact same materials, the only difference I can see is that they have much better workmanship than the ones did that were made in America.


Sure they had a few growing pains in the beginning but coming from a person who has done manufacturing in China I can tell you that at first it’s a real uphill battle.ixtratuf

I hate to say it but I have made peace with overseas Xtratufs, we can’t win them all but if you want mine you will have to pry them off of my cold dead feet.


Not only are they great for tromping though all manor of miserable mushy squishy banks but they are hands down the best sailing boot on the planet earth and the most comfortable. The second the weather turns snotty my tufs go on.  Every beach run and there are hundreds when you have a pooch that needs regular potty breaks, is done in my Xtratufs.  I literally wear them everywhere.  Last year in Canada everyone kept coming up to me and wanting my boots, I guess you can’t get them north of the border.


I can’t come up with a single complaint about these boots but this is just my two cents which is all it’s worth.  If you have the means I highly suggest you get a pair.

Disclaimer; I am not affiliated with the Xtratuf boot company in a my way shape or form.


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