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The universe just blew my fricking brains out, not in a million years could I have imagined how amazing a simple road trip could be. I don’t know how to explain in words. I cant understand so I won’t even try.

You take chances in life, you have to or nothing good will ever happen.  But what happens when you push too far?  I can’t tell you because every single time I make some giant boneheaded decision totally and finally screwing myself to no end the universe shines a little light on me and again proves when you do your absolute best to be the best person you can it doesn’t go un noticed. 

I’ve always been more on the giver side than the taker side but never for any reason, that’s jus how I roll and more than often it’s taken advantage of but it doesn’t  stop me. I woke up today to literally the best damn day of my life, there is so much good going on in the world of Stormy that it’s undescribable from the little iPhone I’m blogging on today. 

If you think the universe isn’t providing for you in a proper manor maybe it’s because you haven’t given enough good to the world, or any for that matter. All I know is that at this second every single star in the universe is shining on me and I am greatful beyond belief. I’d write more but I have a hundred wines to sample and an entire ocean of fresh sea food to nibble on. Perhaps we don’t say it enough in this world, if you are reading my simple words I love you, honestly and truly from the bottom of my heart and soul I do. Thank you for sending the universe to me and once again saving me from my mumbling bumbling Forrest Gumping way of falling down only to be picked up, dusted off and sent on my merry way with a pat on the bottom. 

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