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A gust of wind throws me from one side of my v-berth to the other with a whack of my elbow.  An involuntary Yelp escapes with some choice words and a new day is born. I stretch and yawn wishing there was somebody in the galley making coffee and eggs, it’s good to want.

sailing blog
I don’t know what day today is but it’s going to be a good one. The boat is cleaned from top to bottom when I hear a rap on the hull, a transient boat has slipped in from the night to take refuge from the storm. They bring me hot biscuits and a banana.  Snacks are my favorite food and we share a smoke with thick black coffee, they talk about boats and admit that they love little Sookie, thier boat is too big and they are loosing steam with the constant battle of maintaining it.

I invite them for lunch but they have other plans so I go about my cleaning and organizing when I get a text with a picture from a sailor who won’t identify themselves, it reads lonesome sailor not alone.  I climb into the storm to top off my one gallon water jug that I use to top off my two gallon water jug. While its filling I look up as Sookie and smile. I have never once walked or rowed away from my little ship without stopping to admire her beautiful lines. My slow life gives me the time to polish and preen her, we take good care of each other. I haven’t given up my dream of a few extra feet but that can wait until I need it. Today I find that I have more than enough of everything.

I have barely eaten a scrap of food since arriving on island, so much going on, so many decisions. I choose today to wipe my slate clean, I walk away from everything but the sea and a feeling of quiet calm fills me.  A make a huge breakfast for lunch,  my lockers hold a nice bounty of this and that. Sipping on a Virgin Mary i play house in my little sailboat   There are two types of sailors and they are both most excellent   The first who sails for sport and the second who makes sailing thier lifestyle. I’m the latter.  Chopping my potatoes and onions a gust of wind hits and knocks me into the counter, veggies go rolling and my Swiss Army knife almost cuts my toe off falling to the ground.  It feels so alive when you live on a sailboat, she never stops moving. The sailors I’ve been meeting these days are all cut from the same cloth, I have my tribe back and I’m very protective of them.

I make a nice stew, it has everything but the kitchen sponge in it. The slow simple life of a sailor fits me just fine. Drifting  from place to place, always meeting new smiling faces is my chosen path. Simple foods, simple people and simple dreams, what more is there. I’m listening to money talk on the radio, my old profession and a bit surprised and pained by how much emphasis the callers are putting into earning and saving money so they can retire when they are 70. I retired broke a very long lime ago, it’s amazing how we utilize our time once we realize how truly precious and valuable it is.
 “The Master said, “A true gentleman is one who has set his heart upon the Way. A fellow who is ashamed merely of shabby clothing or modest meals is not even worth conversing with.”  ― Confucius

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