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I Never could have expected the turn of events that would lead to disposing of what was once a great relationship. I should have felt a tinge of remorse, I almost felt guilty as tied the last knot, there was no way of undoing this, she’s dead.

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We traveled and sailed together, like frick and frack where one goes, we all go. Call it what you want but I had been let down one to many times, left high and dry.  It didn’t start out this way but by the end the trust was gone, I had been pushed to the end of my rope .  I tied the crumpled corpse, heaved it into the bed of the pickup and just like that it was all over.  It wasn’t that long ago that she was my savior, she carried me safely through life providing for my needs, she was my proverbial parachute.

My first thought was to bury her at sea, but that would be a mistake.  I looked at her covered in sand, mangled, and matted.  She was a fighter and lasted longer than I would have expected.  She had fallen into my lap just a few years before and I fell in love with her.  I took her to all the  beautiful places a sailboat can navigate but it was a doomed relationship from the start. Having lived in the tropics before arriving in the Pacific North West. The sun and a hard life had taken its toll, she was used up by the time I found her.

Dragging her across an oyster strewn beach her skin shredded and she let out her last gasp of air. Cruising can be hard on a dingy and my little Avon Redcrest was a champ putting in a solid 20 years of abuse before she kicked the cedar bucket.  When I think of how many times that little dinghy kept me safe, the hundreds of miles I rowed in her and the thousands of miles I’ve towed her over the years.  I miss her already but there are a thousand dinghys in the sea and I’ll find another one, I always do. Maybe my next one will be a bit more stable,, lighter, nicer lines, and fresher, more fun to row…

My  ltttle rubber ducky was my SUV, grocery getter and always the deliverer of midnight pirate attacks on unsuspecting sailor friends. She carried me to a thousand beaches, countless guest docks, she has even saved Sookie when I turned her to a giant fender, to protect against a boat dragging its plow. Nothing lasts forever…

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