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Tracing an imaginary line with my finger around the Cape Horn I get a chill in my spine.  I know Sookie has what it takes to round the horn, I think I do too, I almost have April convinced as well. The greatest test of a sailors life can happen anywhere but the southern ocean isnt graded on a curve, it’s pass or fail.  Of course there are many miles and many tests leading up to the big left turn.


Put Sookie next to any other Falmouth Cutter and you immediately notice a difference. She is bigger in every way, stout and robust, she still carries the lines and all the right curves of the fine lady she is.  With no inboard and a tall rig, she is also the fastest sailing of her 38 sisters.  I’ve been studying her rig and I really regret using stainless steel, I’m still learning. I keep her fully loaded as I can, always in cruising mode, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want her to be a high performance boat. My definition of a high performance cruising boat is one that’s unstoppable.  A boat that I can rely on to bring average daily runs of 100 miles consistently, give or take. A boat that takes as good of care of me as I do of her.

Honestly, I have no intention of rounding the horn this year but it isn’t off my list should I someday find myself in that neck of the world.  I flip through the pages studying weather patterns, currents and seasons. I should be studying up on Vancouver island but there is a new mystrsess in my life, her name is Papeete and she is patiently waiting for me.  I scan through my calendar and wonder if I can have her ready in 17 months, or perhaps a nice little boat yard  in the northern Sea of Cortez would be a better place to finish her fiddle bits.  Fish tacos and Modelo  sound like a delightful treat at the end of a long day in the boat yard, I’m done with winter…

The last item on my list is a windvane. I turn the list upside down and now it is my priority.  I promised myself when I quit smoking once and for all that I will reward my life with either a multi year Pacific voyage or a bicycle ride from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego on my little Brompton, I may just do both.  Only problem is that I have fallen a bit off the band wagon. I write a short and serious note to myself in my log  book, I read the words aloud and make a 100% commitment to myself, BANGARANG!

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” 

― Herman Melville

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