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I wake early but it’s cold out and raining, I pull my blankets up to my nose, wiggle around just a bit and fall deeply into my dream world.  A bright light is peering through the port light and it’s calling my name. I reluctantly crawl out of my cocoon and squint into a bright new day.  Sookies cabin is warm and inviting, glowing in the morning sun.  I pull my expedition socks up as high as they go, adjust my wedgie and put on a cup of coffee, this is living aboard.

When I left Sookie I gave away hundreds of pounds of food, afraid of rats in the boat yard. Bit by bit, can by can I am slowly re-stocking. I made my way to town for more food, then stopped by the chandlery for fuel. I literally handed over my last cent but I’m not broke, not by a long shot. I have my insurance paid for the month and my morage and enough food and fuel and booze to breath for a while so I can figure my shit out without worrying about finding work, I’m ahead of the game.

I got another offer to host a T.V. Show and while the money was good, it’s not my future, I’m a sailor and a very one dimensional being.  I have to stay focused on the project at hand.  Surrounded by empty boats in an empty marina I get an email from my good friend Nikki, she is on her boat in New Zealand. re-stocking the kitty. Another friend is right down the way, he is doing the same, the same as me, the same as all of us. We’re all trying desperately to live an intentional life, a reasonable life, a life we were all destined  from birth to live but out of fear and desperation a life so many of us can never realise because it’s scary to just up and go.

Two and a half years ago I cut the dock lines without two nickels to rub together but everything has worked out fine, it always does once you decide to follow your dreams.  Mine are smaller than most but they are mine, the Pacific North West is my dream destination, it constantly challenges me as a sailor, yet she continuously feeds me with new and exciting experiences and unlike the other side of the country we can sail year round.

I should be out working on Sookie or seeking employment or a thousand things but today I think I will play hookie, I’ve earned it.  Maybe I will come up with a new creation in the galley, or dive into one of my favorite sailing books.  It doesn’t really matter because my life is my own.  I could easily wake up in Port Townsend, or Canada or even right here at my little island resort dock.  The freedom to choose is why I live this life, why I take so many chances and why everything always works out.  In a few short days the solstice will arrive and with it the most magical weather in the universe, let’s go sailing…

My mother said to me, “If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.” Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

– Pablo Picasso

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