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Some people think I have a Peter Pan complex.  I think Peter Pan has a Stormy  complex. I’ve never found anything in this world that I can’t do including flying, not only like a bird but like a fish.  It’s just that I’ve found that there are many things that I won’t do.  Next time you feel the urge to say I can’t, don’t, you will literally just be lying to yourself. All humans bar none can accomplish anything they choose. Be honest with all involved and say I won’t, the  truth will set you free. Perhaps if I could consult our presidents, past, present and future, I teach them the one thing they have all lacked the most, integrity… Now that’s a real thing even if it’s rarely exhibited in this world.

As a boat surveyor one of the biggest conflicts I have is when both the buyer and the seller are on the same boat. It happens all the time, when asked a potentially serious question the seller says, what don’t you trust me? My response is always simple and the same, trust but verify… I’ve been doing this shit for damn near thirty years and honestly I find about a one percent of people who actually know thier shit. All the rest have just read too many fucking books.

So I spent the freebie day in my life of leap year on the docks BS-ing with boaters about this or that. I’m always careful not to tell people how to do things, it’s why I don’t share anything technical ever on my journal. I’ve been taught by the best of them and hopefully learned and maintained at least a smidgen of knowledge over the years but I’m often reminded that when you let your guard down for even one second the whole world can come crashing down around you.

So A friend asks me to go up his rig and… Well I can’t actually remember what the hell I was doing up there but as the skinny kid, I always get sent aloft.  I asked him if the set up was safe seeing as how it was already set up and I couldn’t see it for myself. He assured me it was and that he had been using it all week. I was in a hurry, my first huge mistake and didn’t want to take the time to drop the whole cluster onto the deck.  So I climbed into the bosuns chair and started to pull myself aloft.

Two feet shy of the masthead I ran out of room, the block and tackle was tangled and just couldn’t get any higher. When I tried to descend  I realized i was stuck Sixty feet off of the deck.  I was about to slither out of my chair and slide down the mast when the boat owner came back and we discussed my predicament no pun intended. About that time a pesky wasp flew up my shorts and… There are very few things in this world that get me flustered but having been raised with honey bees I’m not overly fond of small aggressive and highly excitable things with stingers. If your not a surfer refer back to my no pun intended line and you will figure out why I got my complete lack of  proverbial panties In a bunch.

In the excitement of having a wasp try and mate with me I somehow slipped out of the bosuns chair, now hanging on by a wing a prayer all I can say is thank god I used to be a climber cause I can hang by a single finger as long as need be.  Eventually we got the chair back to the deck, I had about three stings in my nether regions and all was well until I noticed that the whole time I was hanging by a rusty swivel at the end of the Haliard.   I could have easily fallen to my death all at the hands of someone too lazy to tie a bowline. Trust but verify, it just may save your life.

Back in my little cocoon of Sookie I’m writing notes for a project I’m working on, the premis is if you have to ask your not qualified. It’s quiet tonight, too quiet, a storm is brewing so I may just get one more day of solitude and lots of good writing time before I have to start my next round of excuses as to why I simply refuse to look for work.  I have eight days till its shit or get off the pot time . Life is getting pretty interesting around here.  I could easily blame my laziness on the fact that I’m  a no good, good for nothing so and so, which I’m am. But the truth is I have reached a heighten state of awareness and I’m patiently waiting for my future to come knocking on my door.

I love to tease my self about being the laziest person on the planet earth. Ive gone head to head with many and only been bested once. Don’t confuse laziness with counterproductivity.  I get more shit done in any given day than anyone I know. Over the years I’ve created a very solid foundation, now I’m ready to break ground on my skyscraper. I’ve Been stricken with the undeniable urge to create. Deep In contemplation I wonder if I can’t plug myself into my battery bank and charge them with my over abundance of energy and enthusiasm.

“Folks who never do any more than they get paid for, never get paid for any more than they do” 

― Elbert Hubbard

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