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My last good deed before leaving the islands was to give my ukulele to a young student who needed it more than I did.  It was hard to let go of my most prised possession  but it was a good thing.  There was nothing special about it, just a little concert uke, but it was very sentimental to me.  Ive carried it everythwere I have gone since the day it was given to me.


The journey home has begun and along the way I will stop at every flea market, pawn shop and luthier looking for a new side kick.  I’m not looking for anything special but I am incredibly picky about sound and playability.  My fifteen minutes of fame as I played rockstar in the park made me smile as much as anything else in the world.  All the smiling faces and laughs as I belted out tone deaf covers made me want to be a rock star but it’s the down time that makes the little uke so special.  Small and light, they travel well.  They are the perfect size for a little boat, strap easily on the back of the bike or I can just sling the gig bag over my shoulder and search out my little perch.
Everywhere where I went people would come up smiling and thank me for my song.  Soft sweet melodies flow even for the un-talented player like me.  Like the pied piper the music these little wooden boxes makes is intoxicating.  I wrote many new songs during my hiatus and now with no strings to pluck I’m at a bit of a loss.  Although the journey I’m taking is to find a new uke, im not in a rush. When the time is right, it will find me.  If you have a bit of stress in your life, I highly suggest you pick up a nice used uke and strum the pains of the day away.  It’s impossible not to be happy playing this curious little happy maker.

If I was ever stranded on a desert island the only thing I would want would be my ukulele and my tooth brush, anything else I could make.

Ukuleles will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through time with no ukulele – anonymous

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