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When I arrived back in my little paradise I had a three day break in the weather to do a quick scrub, load all my junk, paint Sookies bottom and splash her. With the precision of a fine Swiss watch as soon as I had her fast at the dock the heavens opened up and the wind gods funneled down upon my Fine little ship.

I’ve been busy acquainting myself with the motor, acquiring new sails, light and heavy air, searching for a better solution to  my cooker and measuring and designing my new v- berth cushions and a privacy Curtian. Weather permitting I’ve been on the bike slaying the miles and exploring my little islands.  March has always been the month when I sneak out of the warm confines of Sookies womb and start to make her look smart, I can’t be bothered to do any mainetnece during the sailing season which seems to start a little sooner each year.

I’ve been cheating on Sookie, lavishing attention on the little Dana I’ve adopted and the more I touch her and study her ins and outs the more I realize how vastly different these two fine little ships are. Today the sun has returned and between bike rides and feeding my hungry body I will bounce back and forth from project to project and boat to boat. Rainbow will launch in a few days and she needs to be perfect before she kisses the water.  She will be berthed right beside Sookie just like peas and carrots.

Spring has arrived in the islands, little baby goats are bouncing around the fields and all the farm hands are getting ready for the most beautiful time of year.  I remind my friends it’s time to shake the cobwebs of winter out of their brains and get thier boats ready for what they were built for.   Ive got a bit of sailing in my near future but as soon as Sookie is tied safely back at the dock I’m taking Brompty to Saltspring Island for some inland exploration. I’m still, deeply torn between spending the spring on the  boat bobling around the islands or packing my little Brompton and setting out on an expedition.  Either way I won’t waste one second of my summer light indoors.  Once again the universe has been kind to me and placed a beautiful little flower in the palm of my hand.

“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…

“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…” 

― Frances Hodgson Burn

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