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It’s not like I haven’t tried as hard as humanly possible to avoid it,  but it was bound to happen.  I’ve been put in charge of selling a beautiful 1985 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24.  So just like that I’m temporarily part of the work force again to earn a few bucks for Sookies new wardrobe. 

It’s getting pretty exiting around here.  My engine problems are solved, I have an unbelievably unseaworthy dingy minus the pump and oars but it’s super light and pretty in a tired old pathetic way, and I love it. I was just reading a recount of a 217 mile 24 hour run done in a little FC and it sounds frightening.  Give me a nice 100 mile average and I’m smiling, I don’t like to do anything fast.  Each day I slowly move ahead doing one simple project at a time.  I’m moving closer and closer to finding a perfect little oasis where it never gets cold and I can happily live aboard and do sailing trips between island explorations by bike. 

I can’t say where it has come from but Im rapidly losing all interest in going north.  If I could ship Sookie somewhere warm I’d haul her today and dry her out for new barrier coat and send her on her way. As of now she doesn’t have a smack of osmosis, hydrolysis or delamin her hull. Everybody keeps telling me to ignore it and fix it once it shows up. To me that’s like saying why make your children wear a seatbelt, you can always send them to the er to get put back together when you get in an accident.  Take one look at Sookie and you will know how much she is loved.  I owe her 120 days in the yard, the only question is when and where but Baja is looking better every day.  I’m secretly planning to add a dodger to her but that’s just Crazy talk.

Wow all this work on the boat, so what are my plans?  I don’t have a single one exept  to live every day free as bird, eat lots of lentils and potatoes, ride my Brompton a million miles and appreciate every second of it to my fullest capeability.  I’ve slipped into a simple groove and I love it. Sleep in, write a bit of jiberish, work on Sookie a bit, then walk up to boatyard with very short list of projects on The little Dana 24 I’m selling. In exactly six months, summer will start to end and another year will have slipped through.  Time flys when your having a god time. 

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