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I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning. It happened with the suddenness of a broken shoe string. Spring has sprung, the weather has turned warm and dry, there is no more condensation in the boat. Everywhere I look nature is in full bloom. 

I should be working on Sookie, she needs some serious attention after her long cold winter. I should be looking for a job, finding a sailing mate, doing laundry, anything but today is a day for riding. Brompty is calling my name and there are dozens of secret beaches to find and explore.

The budget may be busted but Sookie is in her finest state ever. All her sails have been inspected and are in good order, her new cruising chute needs to be rigged as does her new storm jib.  Lockers overflowing and ready for 90 days complete with really good booze, yummy snacks both sweet and salty for those long hot windless days of summer.  Good tunes and a sound system that will blow your brains out should you choose.  A dink minus roars and a pump but I’m working on that one.  2.5 hours on the iron Jenny and an almost full tank of fuel. I need to top that off as well as my emergency one gallon tank brings me to 4 gallons of fuel, easily enough for the rest of the year. 29 gallons of water in portable movable tanks and a pile of fuel for my little cooker.

My A.D.D. Swashbuckled my trip to Bellingham for peanuts but that will come soon enough. I finally got a pair of shoes but it looks like they will get tucked away today. I love my new kicks but they also represent society, the binding of our feet is the first step to voluntary slavery. A noose around the neck, they call it a tie but mentally all these things bind us and keep us shacked chasing those oh so important little green pieces of paper.  The beard is growing out as is my wig, I’ve decided to re grow my dreadlocks, a final step off the map.

The cruisers delema is always a fine line of procuring almost enough money without sacrificing too may of our oh so precious life units in the process.  Finding myself broke with a boat that is ready, willing and able is the first and most important step, ther is a fine process to the budget cruiseres outfitting. The bug out boat must always be fed first just in case something crazy happens. From there a few freedom chips will get the job done.  Summer ends  in 5 short months so every second counts, starting as soon as I get back from my ride of corse, all work and no play makes stormy a dull boy.

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” 

Andy Dufresne The Shawshank Redemption 

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