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The sea saw noise of three strand hemp lines pulling through the haws holes tells me my chafing gear has worn through, it’s gusting to 40 knots. Snuggled up in Sookie it’s hard to tell as she is a quiet boat that protects my mind from the shenanigans being played by Mother Nature.

I splurged on a red cabbage, I shouldn’t have but I did. I love chopping things, be it cabbage or a tree, there is something so romantic about cold steel in my leathery wind worn hands My fascination with honed metal also has me deeply in love with my cast iron skillet. I remember it just like yesterday going  to the gun store with a pile of cash to fill Sookies empty galley, I well and each and every item is sacred to me but the skillet is by far my most prised possession. 

Over the years I have collected this and that, always patient knowing some day my tidy little galley will be complete. Each of my cutting boards was hand picked to fit here or there, as was the very small collection of pots and bowls and…  I may be completely inept in the galley but it’s the heart of Sookie and the place where wall romantic notions are born.  The old saying couldn’t be any more true, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. 

The storm rages on as I chop fry and serve a delightful breakfast for one.  Organizing for next weeks sailing trip I hang my shackle key in its usual spot, it was given to me by my friend Frenchie after I dropped off a pile of bronze parts in his cockpit. I don’t know his real enamel because we couldn’t understand a single word spoken by the other. It didn’t stop us from long nights by the wood stove laughing and drinking cheap red wine. Captian sterling made a lanyard for it last year so now it’s doubly special.

My new sails arrived today, an asym and a storm jib that is so cute I can almost stick it in my pocket.  The last part of the day was spent dock sailing trying to figure out the dousing sock between huge gusts of wind. I may just chuck the sock and stuff it in a small bag with piston hanks strung on the lifelines. Sookie loves her fancy new wardrobe and I’m sure it will add much needed excitement to those gentle Salish summer evenings.  I’m still dreaming of an all in or all out furling system for my jib but it’s a hard descision to commit to. Off the wind Sookies little Yankee is never enough when the wind falls between asym and yankee weather, a lapper on a roller is my dream come true but would also cost a year of cruising funds. As she sits he sail wardrobe is complete but I still want to add a third reef to her main and two to her staysail. 

I know I’m all of the place but that is the beauty of having a small cruising sailboat that was designed and built to take you all over the place, we fit each other like a glove. 

“You sell of the  kingdom piece by piece and trade it for a horse that will take you anywhere.” 

― Colin Wright

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