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I get a text early in the morning , it reads. “Stormy, you’ve been a good friend to me and I know how much you love the Dana 24. I’ve decided to give you mine.  You can come pick it up anytime you want, it’s in front of my house.


On the bottom of the bay.   If this was from anyone else but Adam I would think it was a joke.  A few hours later Rainbow was floated, the engine pickled and the leaking dripless shaft replaced with a nice flax packing gland.  We have her looking like a million bucks inside and out.  A full listing will be up soon. She is very fairly priced at $36,000. Price is firm.  Her interior is bright and fresh and she shows the true quality of Pacific Seacrafts Build.

For less than the price of a Compact car you can have a home that will carry you anywhere in the world, not only safely but in complete luxury.  I’m out sailing with my brother, he is a big boat sailor, 40-50′ is his norm.  When he first arrived on Sookie, he commented that he had forgotten how small she is.  Days into our journey his mind has changed, “now I see why you love this boat so much, she is perfect in every way”. 
Little boats come with little price tags, easy maintence and small yard bills.  There is always a slip available and always an admirer at the dock.  The Dana 24 is a ship that you can almost fit in your pocket.  I look out my porthole in the morning rain and smile at rainbow, she is very much like Sookie was when I found her.  A bit on the older side but a rock solid foundation that has always been loved and sailed hard.  Best of all she can be easily plopped on a trailer and taken anywhere you want with ease, or just head out and make the big left. Time and time again these boats cross oceans safely and comefortably.  Come on down and let’s go sailing, your life will never be the same. Freedom isn’t a risk worth taking, it’s an inaliable right worth perusing.  You’ll never be younger than you are right now, shit or get off the pot.  

Left the harbor at 11:00 pm, light winds on an ebbing tide.  My first sail on Sookie, solo, engineless and free as a bird, we ghost across the inky blackness following Orion’s Belt.  I’ve literally waited my whole life for this moment.  From the log of Sookie  at sea. 

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