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Im helping a young couple find thier dream boat when he starts to tell me this story.  He was sailing south from La Paz, he had fallen asleep and a wind shift put his Contessa 26 on the beach holing it severely in the process.  He abandoned ship with nothing  but the clothes on his back. I distinctly remember him describing the shirt he was wearing.  It read I’m with stupid. 

36' Pinky Schooner for sale 

He made his way by land back to La Paz and eventually found his was as crew on a large boat with the Swedish bikini team.  He sailed Mexico with them eventually finding his way back to San Diego, standing on the shore of Shelter Island looking over at a beautiful little Lyle Hess cutter and her captain.  He walked down to say hi.  She almost immediately let  she needed help getting he boat to Hawaii, according to him she was quite a looker and jumped at the offer to sail with her.  She immediately corrected him by pointing to a large boat across the way, that’s my new boyfriend.  Im sailing with him and want you to sail my boat to Hawaii for me.  

The conversation turned and somehow he talked her into selling him the boat. He sailed back to Mexico, across to Hawaii and years later back at the same dock, a few days after his arrival the girl came walking down having somehow tracked her boat. She wanted it back and he happily sold it to her so he could pursue a medical degree.  Now many years later as he is telling me this story with his new girlfriend “I’m guessing she was one of the bikini crew mates” we had an agenda for a good small blue water sailboat.

I can’t personally verify that any of this sailing snippet is true but when sharing the story with some sailing friend who had been in Mexico at the time they both laughed out load and called his name, they knew him well and conformed the whole story.  Dreams come in many forms, find your true love and your dreams will manifest before your eyes.  A single drop of water on my journal reminds me that I have a hole to fix in Sookies deck.  I had remeved a cleat and stuck a dallop of 42oo in the hole thinking I would get around to it later.  That was neatly five years ago and proof that your boat will never be done and that the work will never end.  I cleaned the hole and stuck another drop of sealant after adding one more thing to my list.  

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