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A wake up and feel my neck, damnit it’s still there.  I have a lump the size of a golf ball one inch down and back from my left ear. It hurts most of the time, except when it feels numb. My whole neck is stiff and painful. It could be nothing, it probably is.

falmouth cutter
I think about a lot, three days worth at least.  Is this it, is this where the journey ends.  I close my eyes and imagine running through a field with Chloe, both of us young and strong and healthy, a very peaceful state comes over me.  The human body is a lot like a cruising boat, it’s only as shippey as you maintain it, if you let it go too far, you’ll never get it back.  I do my best to care for not only my mind but also my body, most people I know question my age and outlook, they guess me much younger, but I’m not, I am my exact age and I feel like a million bucks minus this pain in the neck.

The days slowly flow by, Sookie rises and falls on the tide and I ask myself, have I seen enough.  They say you can’t cheat death but I beg to differ, I’ve been doing it my whole life by living and appreciating every second of every day I have been given.  I love people even when they don’t love me back and I do my best to be the most descent human I can.  When confronted with my future, the one thing I know is that I want more, but maybe that is just being selfish. Does anybody deserve to live the amazing and wonderful life I have been shown.

I think about my dog, my life, and my contribution and I am at peace. I think about all the petty BS in this world and petty unhappy people and wonder how it’s possible that they don’t appreciate the gift of life.  Criminals, bully’s, crooked polititions, evil corporations…  The one thing I know is that I’ve never sold out and I never will.  To truly live an authentic life we must start from the inside and create an authentic soul.  I’m gonna let it ride..

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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