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This is  a blog about a sailor.  We slipped the lines early,  I feel fortunate to have the most reliable motor available on my little cutter, one pull of the cord and we were off.  Sails pulled and pulling the swoosh of the ocean quickly replaced the quiet purring of my iron genny.  Sailing  tunes thumping over Sookies sound system to the dark overcast skies we pointed her high flying all plain sail.  She settled in at 20 degrees of heel hard on the wind occasionally dipping  and bowing to the higher gusts. This was a foulie day, snugged up and warm in our warmies we charged at well over our theoretical hull speed.  I have never had any joy greater than sailing a ship designed by Lyle Hess  

  This is how I found my nav equipment after a rousing beat to windward, we were having so much fun sailing I guess we didn’t have time to notice it was a bit bumpy out.

Making long tacks, I’d call out just as I could see the whites of the crabs eyes, slipping through the eye we dodged ferry boats, the coast guard and many commercial fisherman, not many sailors out on this day.  I could hear the clink of bottles and tin cans as they settled into thier lockers as we pushed hard to weather. Sookie is stocked for the season with a few cases of this and that,which I still need to find homes for.  Every locker is stuffed to the brim with good food, treats and snacks and all sorts of secret pirate bountys. The wind carried us all the way to the breakwater and then vanished with the clouds leaving a warm sunny day.perfect for jumping on the Brompton and exploring inland.  

We climbed mountains with sailors legs, ducking, swerving and whooping the downhills all the way to best damn little bar this side of the Brick.  Back at the spa I slipped into the most elegant shower on this big blue earth washing a thousand salty miles from my wind and sun worn skin before plopping into the jacuzzi.  Fresh and refreshed we made our way back to the boat for gin and tonics while we prepared our picnic dinner, packed a bottle of wine and set off to poach a hot sunny deck in utopia.  Night found its way to our party and our party  It’s way to Sookie, heater cranking out BTU’s, Sookies butternut interior pulsed with the base as my favorite playlist spun us into the night. 

In three days we sailed, toured by bike on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan.  Drank the right amount of wine, feasted on way too much good food and and smoked a little contraband.  We stayed up late and slept in as long as we chose too.  I can’t say for sure what a sailing blog is supposed to be like but I’ll be damned if I don’t know how to tell the story of a sailor.  I guess a lifetime and a bagillian sailing miles around the planet  teaches us thing or two about life and living. 

The wind is moaning through the rigging, I’m  alone, warm and tired, a great glass of wine in  one hand and a Cohiba in the other. Little Sookie is in rare form gently tugging at her many dock lines waiting for our next adventure.  Content I lean back and remember the first of many times I sailed in and out of  Cabo, this one I was solo. I paddled to shore and an old man on the beach asked me if my surfboard was my dingy, no I replied, it’s my life raft. 

If you want it badly enough you will make it happen and if you don’t you will make excuses.  From the log of Sookie 48 degrees north 

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