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Thoreau believed to affect the quality of the day was the highest art. I woke early to a dead calm and at false dawn.  The cool of the morning found me riding Brompty down quiet country roads as the word came to life.  The crows serenaded me as the little ticking of my rear hub whirred away happy to be laying a few miles. 

It’s a shame that most people sleep through this part of our life and lives.  My splotchy half shaved chest looking something like the waxing scene in the forty year old virgin is a bit itchy and a reminder of my heart stress test.  They are trying to rule everything out so with a dozen electrodes hooked up to little bald patches on my chest I started the slow walk on the tread mill.  By the time it ended it was damn near verticle and I was sprinting.  When it finally came to an end the doctor smiled and said, well it’s not your heart, and it’s not your lungs.  I kicked the hell out of that machine but was also surprised at how out of shape, for me at least I am.  It’s amazing how fast we lose it, but also how fast we regain it.

So there is nothing wrong with my body, next step, the neurologist to check out my brain and why I have near constant vertigo.   I get to ride Brompty to Seattle for this one so I’m super excited even though I have already made it clear I won’t consider any form of surgery on my brain damaged brain, I can deal with the dizzy world I live in just fine.  That’s the thing about the Brompty, when it hits bad I can just stop and sit down till it passes, not so much on the boat. 

Tonight we’re celebrating on Sookie, fine wine, my home made cabbage salad with salami and really good cheese.  I’m 99% vegan but I love to indulge and tonight will be a big one topped off with a bit of dark chocolate. It’s hard to believe it’s already spring but these islands have literally exploded. Spring is the best time on these islands, come on down for a visit. 

  “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” 

― Mark Twain

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