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Sitting in the Red Room of one of the literally thousands of airports I’ve passed through I looked up and in walked Ed McMahon.  I tried not to stare but I’ve grown up with this guy on a fuzzy box in my house. He walked up to me, stretches out his hand and with a big smile says”hi, I’m Ed McMahon”.  I watch him work his way through the lounge introducing himself to every single person, this guy is a genius.

As incredibly minor as my celebrity is, I’ve been doing this for a long time and can’t go anywhere without having someone recognize me and say hi.  I’ve even been pulled over on a small island by a hyper excitable guy that saw qme at the country market but it didn’t click till I started to drive away.  It’s just what happens when you put yourself out there.  I know how to work a crowd and am very good at it but deep down I’m a painfully shy introvert.  I know an incredibly large amount of people but can count my true friends. On one hand.  When I left Hollywood it was to save my anynimity. 

My coffe is especially good today, I’m going on an island extravaganza, to meet with potential buyers of this and that.  When it comes to buying boats I’m a boat sellers dream come true, I don’t fuck around or waste thier time, I negotiate a price peek around for an hour and either buy the boat and dissaper from the sellers life or don’t buy the boat and do the same, I know what I want.  I’m not a boat shopper I’m a boat buyer.

Looking around Sookies interior I love every inch of her.  In the five years I’ve owned her I have never once walked or rowed away without stopping to admire her lines.  Under sail she is magic in a way you will no know unless you have been fortunate enough to hold her tiller in your hands.

I still don’t know why I do the things I do but if I didn’t seek more here and there I’d still be sailing my Montgomery 15, but as I transition through life sometimes I want a bit more, or at least know that some day I will.  I have been eyeing the Crealock 31 for years, it may just be his best design.  In my constant search and research I have fallen in love with a Pacific Seacraft 34 another boat I have always admired but one I could never love as much as Sookie.   As I sit here pecking out these words she is 100% obtainable, nested into a little boatyard in Mexico waiting for me.

I’m deeply torn because as much as I suffer the cold I am in no way shape or form ready to leave the Salish Sea.  I’ve sailed all over the world and no place I have ever seen can compare with the beauty and richness of this vast stretch of water.  Constantly challanged with massive tide cycles, rip currents that are like sailing through river Rapids and weather that changes its mind mo often than I do.  It would literally take a hundred lifetimes to explore this place.  The only problem is short summers  and long cold winters.  I prefer to be able to see my feet when I swim.  

It’s a long sail home from Mexico but as a budget cruiser long voyages save money.  A quick trip to Hawaii and back to the PNW and she would be home, of course there is an easier way south to the Carribean where I already have winter work lined up, then up the east coast and ship her across the country and home.  Or I could just keep her in Manana land till I have my fill of cabbage Tacos and not so cheap beers. 

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