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Your body can do it if your mind can.  I had to remind myself of this multiple times in persuit of riding my Little Brompton from sea level to the top of Maui’s highest peak Mt Haleakala.  I didn’t make to the summit that day, not because I gave up but because I made so many side tracks on the way to the top that I was losing my light and was wearing clothing fit for the beach, not the freezing rain I was experiencing at 8,000′.

Man cooking

Some things are better left for another day, living to your fullest potential isn’t one of those things.  When I finished WordPress it was a bit of a shock, I didn’t know what to do, for me it was almost like finishing the Internet, is that possible. Anyone that knows me knows that I move at a slow but steady pace, like the tortoise and the hair, eventually I’ll get there.  The problem is, if you wait to long to dive into what ever it is that you seek eventually you will be my age, then my fathers age, then my grandfathers age, then you will just stink like aged Swiss cheese with as many holes.

Starting the process is the hardest part, once this done nothing else matters because it’s all about the journey and yours has begun.  Sitting in the afternoon sun chatting with my neighbor and good friend Laura was the best use of my day, her new journey has already began and I have a feeling they will all sail to the moon and back by the time they are done.

Back on my side of the world I found a case of cup of noodles buried in my aft locker and it was a huge score, no cooking today just add hot water and… For me this is an adventure in eating, I would never have thought to purchase a cup of noodles let alone a whole case, I’m a Top Rahmen guy, or at least I was till I discovered this fine new treat.  Adventures come in all shapes and sizes depending on where you are in your life.  I have a friend who for the life of him can’t figure out why I’m not doing what he is doing, actually I did, when I was his age.  Now that I’ve literally done everything I’ve ever set out to do in this life my ideal adventure is just living free as I choose.  I know there is a Payday candybar somewhere this boat and even though I don’t really eat sugar I’m going to find it and…

Going through my logbook looking for some notes on journeys passed  I’m still a bit surprised I left last season with a jacked engine.  While I doubt I would ever do it again, nor would anybody in thier right mind, at the time it just seemed normal, it way my journey at the time.  If you want what may be the biggest adventure you will ever make, you don’t have to sail around the world, just throw your wallet and engine overboard, it’s a game changer in ways you can’t possibly comprehend having never done it.  Now that I have a brand new engine my new journey will be to learn how best to not use it.  I’m going so far off grid I’m gonna make cavemen look like city folk

From the log of Sookie, GALE WARNING! I can’t believe how fucking scary this is; theres like, whales and storms and fog and shit! Oh, and this useless God Damn metal hunk of shit hanging off my boat.  Today I learned the difference between sailing and having a motor on your sailboat.  When you have a motor you are just a passanger.  When you are engineless you are a sailor, a scared shitless sailor and I love being scared shitless.  I watch all the sailboats passing us under power.  They are all coming from the same place and going the same direction but our journey is far different than they could ever know.  Today I discovered the meaning of life as well and the recepie for the fountain of youth all rolled up in one world, challenge.

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