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Half awake still deep in the dream world I’m lost in time and space, this is the most beautiful feeling on earth, Like the smell of rain, the sun on my shoulders, that feeling right before I wake up or fall asleep. Diving naked into an ice cold body of water. Walking barefoot, getting lost, being found. Storms, the sounds of night, sharing and exploring. Seu Jorge is on singing life on mars. I wriggle deeper into the covers and drift away on the afternoon storm.

My little pirate friend  Lucia drew this for me, it’s now my most prized possession, thanks Luc

It’s still light out when I finally crawl out of my bunk, I can hear 3 strand mooring lines seasawing through my haws holes, the wind in the rig matches  Sookies gentle motion.  I reach over to the counter and spark a doobie, I’ve heard that medicinal marijuana helps the nausea.  All I have is the recreational kind, the kind that is illegal but at this point I’m willing to try anything.  I don’t need to smoke weed to find alternative dimensions, I live in one and this stuff takes me straight to the top floor.  I wonder if eating beets makes up for the fact that I’m eating beets out of a can. I’m convinced that massive amounts of exersize calms the dizziness and today I pushed it hard really hard and crashed just as hard.


I’m starving, I need sugar, digging through my lockers I get side tracked when I find popcorn, I make my famous fire corn cooked in habanero and half coconut half olive oil, my eyes are burning but it’s good, I bet it would be really good with a bit of chocolate, I’m obsessed with food which is an odity for me as I usually have to force feed  myself just to stay alive. I find peanut butter and a Cliff bar and make it into a sandwich, it only makes me hungrier, I need ice cream and potatoe chips. I’m laughing hysterically at the radio, I never realized how funny these guys are.


I peer out the porthole, I want to ride my bike but suddenly I’m paranoid, I keep looking at the clock wondering when it will get dark so I can creep out and ride into the night.  There’s a knock on my hull, the Feds… No it’s just my neighbors banging something into the boat, why am I so damn hungry. I decide I like the herb and it will go, well with my hair once I start to regrow my locks.  My friend insists she can dread my hair at three inches, I think I’ll wait for 6″  I take a puff on the reefer and spend the next hour contemplating my hair and fantasizing about ice cream, I have become the most brilliant mind in the universe.

“That’s,” I say. My words are all tangled up. “That’s. Insane. You’re insane.” 

“I prefer the term brilliant.”  ― Eva Morgan

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