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My brain is experiencing a creative orgasm but my hands are tied behind my back. The video carnage continues.  How can it be so hard to find a good free video editor for my iPad.  

Back to the drawing board, I’m starimg  all over.  It’s time to purge my digital film studio and start over from scratch. For now it will just be a Mac air 11 and I’m down grading to a Nikon D5500.  Many reasons for the changes, some good and some bad.  My inner creative has finally been reborn and it’s all I can do to shut it down for a few hours here and there to sleep.

My whole world is stretched too thin, this time I really am wiping the slate clean.  I woke up today with a different perspective on my world and living it.  I’ve been sailing into the wind for too long with this and that.  It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally finding a bit of focus, it’s time to make some sailing videos, find a crew and cut the lines for the season. 

Still a bit shell shocked  from past experiences that I’m as of yet not ready to talk about but it’s time to get the monkey off my back do a little bit of down wind sailing. When I was married I had a deal with my wonderful wife that if for any reason either of us was unhappy we would make a 180 degree shift. I still have that deal with myself and I’ve just reversed the polar caps..

“When I was on The View, Barbara Walters was asking me about the blood and stuff, and I said, ‘Well, you know, that’s a staple of Japanese cinema.’ And then she came back, ‘But this is America.’ And I go, ‘I don’t make movies for America. I make movies for planet Earth.'” Quentin Tarantino

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