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My deadline for finding crew and sailing north slipped though my fingers with with the turn of Friday the thirteenth. Today is my lucky day and I had hoped it  to be that last one tied to this pier.  My goal was to set off early Saturday morning and B-line it to desolation sound where I would start my very  slow circumnavigation of Vancouver island where it ended last year.

No worries, the sailor sets his sails according to the wind and right now I’m hanging in the fringe of spending my summer as dock master on a small island in the middle of this jewel in the San Jauns.  There will be pleanty of time for short sailing adventures and money in the kitty for projects and boy are there many. If I do it right I’ll have a temporary water tank installed till I can finish designing a real one. A short term stove that can be used while sailing, my asym rigged and ready to pop, a real ice box with ice, yay and blood red marine carpet lining the turn of my bilge. By October I may even have all the parts to finish my rudder rebuild and new larger seacocks for my cockpit drains.  The v berth cushions will be last because the local canvas guy is that busy.

Of course Sookie is really for sale and she could sell any day in which case I’ll re set the sails again and plot a new course. I’ve grown tired of waiting and hoping that there is another soul out there that wants to live this life for real and not just on paper so I’ve thrown in the towel.  For now I’m putting all my eggs into summer employment, life on the dock BS-ing with yachters and sipping vodka tonics with real ice.  And making Sookie the beast damn little boat on the planet.  I forgot to mention solar and heat to make her as off grid as she can be just in case the apocalypse comes early.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein

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