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The less money you require, the les time you need to take making it.  In a world where most people want to buy things, or let others do the work for them I prefer to make things and make things better, learning as I go.  I won’t ask or pay for help Untill  I’ve failed at something at least a dozen times.  Perhaps thats why I love boats so much even a complete moron can fix or completly and easily restore a boat with little more than youtube and a book.

Im often asked why I need the boat that I have, need has nothing to do with it, if your going to pour money into a hole in the water it may as well be a beautiful hole. When you find the right boat, you know it.  As with Sookie, I could easily afford her purchase price but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The love I have for her makes the massive expense both in time and money worth it, I would have hated to go through all this for the wrong boat. Sitting out on the hook I am easily reminded why I have all my eggs in one basket.

When it comes to newer boats so called performance and amenities come at the expense of safety and seaworthieness and often even comefort although on a boat that is a very relative term.  Having delivered a countless amount of production boats I can tell you that those big Clorox bottles and I love them all are hell to pay hard on the wind, there is a reason that there are literally thousands of them for sale in every down wind location on the planet.

The barometer is dropping, Sookies hook is set firmly and I have my own little private island.  There is nothing old fashioned  about Sookie, she is a Modern design of modern construction designed by a man who loved the sea and built by a team of men who have spent a lifetime out there.

My time has come and I’ve had to vacate the Marina, I still need a good month dockside to finish my projects but that will sort itself out. a borrowed ukulele a sinking dinghy and nothing but time on my hands, freedom and time to reflect are comming my way sooner than I hoped but my how life flys when you are having a good time.

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