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I woke to the pitter patter of rain and smiled, today I get a day off.  Digging through my library I realized I’ve read all of my books twice, I took the whole lot and donated them.  The search continues for a book I’ve wanted to read for over twenty years, White cliffs to coral reefs.  My second favorite boat on the planet a Vetue 25, different from Sookie in every way but still an easy on the eyes salty little blue water cruiser.

The debate continues, I’m looking to add a bit of chain to Sookie, 100′ to be exact and I go back and forth between 1/4 and 5/16 HT. The smaller is more than strong enough but it’s harder to pull and it sounds girly running out the Chain pipe.  My 5/16 on the other hand sounds like a ship in from the sea as that old familiar sound tells me I’ve made yet another safe passage as it sounds the alarm that it’s beer thirty.  I don’t ever drink a drop inside of 50 miles from the nearest shore unless I’m a passanger or crew.

Today is a lay day and another trip to the bank will happen eventually so I can get one of those magic plastic cards that holds my meager life savings.  My journal and calculator are my tools for the day, I want roller furling but it’s more weight to the bow, more windage and like my new lifelines and stanchions, detracts from the lines of my little cutter.  With her relatively narrow beam of 8′ her whisker stays are too close together to sit in while working the jib so I have to straddle the bowsprite bronco style when I want to change or remove sails.

Jib bags are also on the drawing board as the sail storage bags I’ve been using aren’t even remotely idea and a real pain to use, now sun faded and worn thin.  I doubt they will last the season but I have many friends with sewing machines so this will be a fun project.  I’ve also started a new sailing club and working on designing a delta flag with AOH lightly embossed over it.  If your not familiar with the delta flag it says stand clear, manovering with extreme difficulty.  A joke my friend conceived years ago when we were all engineless.  As the years thunder by each of us has added a reliable outboard that we try and never use.

It’s noon and my day is rapidly slipping away as the lazy May sun turns its clock like path to the crystal blue waters I hope to see someday soon.  For now I’m in liveaboard mode making the best use of my time that I can until I’m ready to make the big left turn.  Ok maybe one more cup of coffee before I head out.

4:00pm life altering, well maybe, we shall wait and see…

“The cabin of a small yacht is truly a wonderful thing; not only will it shelter you from a tempest, but from the other troubles in life, it is a safe retreat.”   — Francis Herreshoff

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