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With the last bits of paint in my cup I give Sookie a new set of eyeballs and she is pleased.  She has always had eyes from the first time I splashed her and she always  will.  Someday I will put them high on her hull but we are still bonding and so the process continues.  Ancient maritime lore has it that if a ship has eyes she can see where she is going and will never collide. 

On again off again it seems my new windvane and my efforts to aquire it were all in vain ;). No matter, I have pleanty to keep me busy in my minimal time off and living in a resort is turning out to be quite a wonderful way to spend the summer regardless of the small squalls that come and go.  Last night all tucked in my little cocoon I slept like the dead, dreaming of sailing adventures and woke refreshed and ready to tackle another day in the yard, on the bike and with a little luck time for more research on shipping Sookie somewhere warm.  My dream would be to ship her to Ventura , then ride my bike down to meet her. 

My superstition about shipping boats is holding me back but if I do move her it will be to almost the exact place she started her life and where she was put on a trailer for her long voyage to me.  The days of summer tick by weeks at a time and now my end here is nearer than my beginnings.  I don’t expect anyone to understand my superstitions  or the way I do things but Sookie isn’t just a sailboat, she is a ship and a home and something that gives my life great meaning.  She keeps me young and strong.  As much as I hate the idea of storing her for another winter, my alternative; if I do she will be ready to rock the day I return.

For now I’m moonlighting between her and  Brompty, somehow I still make it to work everyday with a big smile, full of energy and the knowledge that there s a purpose for all this madness. Sitting in the morning sun on the deck of my resort a yachter has offered to buy me breakfast.  Steak and eggs, hot coffee and a dead calm bay as I  lounge around in my tanned bare feet wondering if there is anything such as first world problems or am I just the most fortunate human on earth. I take in a deep breath and slowly exhale, where should I begin…

I’m talking to a yachter on a 2 million dollar boat with hundreds of thousands of dollars of electronics, he is very concerned about leaving the bay on a negative 1.3 tide.  I look over my shoulder and see Beth and Cody sail in the harbor on their home built 29′ sailboat ” well if they can make it in engineless I’m sure you’ll  be fine”. 

The most beautiful girl in the world has shown up in my Marina, everytime I turn around she is there, smiling, her eyes lighter than any shade I have ever seen sparkle brighter in the sun than the diamond in her nose.  She always stands close, looking up at me with those eyes, that smile, close enough to feel like a couple.  A short flowy blue cotton sun dress drapes and perfectly outlines her soft frame and all of her curves, it has a Buddha on it, I know this dress very well and she feels like home.  More than anything I want to know her better, I flush everytime she is near, I let her go and it hurts on some deep level but I do nothing.

I help an 11 year old dock her fathers 38′ sailboat, she handles it like a pro.  The yachters come and go, friends  come and go, the days come and go.  Work is slowly progressing on Sookie but I need help if I want to finished her in time but in time for what? Indesision rules my days.  I’m in my cocoon before the sun goes down, warm enough and cozy, 5:00 Am brings a new day, where should I begin…

“There’s no advantage to hurrying through life.” -Shikamaru Nara

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