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The early mornings are my favorite, cool and quiet.  The bay is calm now but this is that calm before the storm, by 10:00 am it will be go time, crazy boaters, bitchy yacht clubers, campers, cyclists, tourist by the dozens.  The whole world has shown up to my sleepy island to celebrate Independence Day, but are any of us really free. 

 The day after the 4th there will be a mass exodus, back to work, back to traffic, id say back to the stressful life of the city goers but most of them brought thier stress to the islands so they will be taking that back with them.  My camp is neet and tidy, I have a very small Footprint.  I set up my picnic table for breakfast and went to the shower, when I returned all my stuff was on the ground and my table has been taken by campers, theses sub human beings who can’t think beyond their own needs trash mine and I’m left wIth a pile of my junk scattered around in rabbit shit. Is this what they are teaching thier children?

I wonder what the world has come to but watching people scream at thier kids, beat thier dogs, berate my staff, its all a bit surreal, I let it roll off my tail like a drop of water down the backside of a duck.  I am as free as any human in this world if not more.  Not because I think I have rights that I clearly don’t but because I’ve made a concious choice to live a minimalist life, debt free, and easy on the planet I live in. My world is perfect so I can’t be angry, stressed, or just generally pissed off at my world because those elements don’t exist in my realm.

Do you remember when you were kid, the smell of a musty tent, the dry summer grass, chasing frogs and trying to catch a shark  on that one week summer vacation, the crackling of dry summer earth with each step, not a care in the world, that’s where I still live.  In my generation we found status in the cars we drove and houses we took lifetime loans out on, how much money we could convince people we had, you remember the old slogan he who dies with the most toys wins.  I’m quite far removed from that world. My world all about a life well lived, time to smell the roses, a good meal and a nap in the park.  Wandering eyes and a wonderful world to explore, the truly simple things in life that anyone can afford.

Yes I was born in the wrong skin and also the wrong generation but it doesn’t mean I have to be trapped in that ancient and backwards mindset.  Today Americans have less freedom than at any time in the history of this country but our prisons are self enduced, we chan break the shackles that bind us at any time we choose.  I’ve chosen my freedom and I mainline in like heroine. 

My coffee is especially good today, I have many friends in and many more coming, in a few days Melissa will be sleeping next to me in our little tent, our vacation home if you will.  I soak up every second of every day, when we pedal out of here we have no idea when we will return, Central America keeps getting thrown into the mix but who cares about tomorrow today is as beautiful as any I have ever known. It’s through having nothing that I have gained everything, to become a minimalist is to set our selfs free from the prison we have created for our selfs.

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” 

― Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

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