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I watched my little sailor girl pull her main and slowly work her way out of the harbor.  She is scared shitless but still following her dream.  I stocked her with beans and onions and a special bottle of wine and already miss her company but she promised to come back and visit before I leave.  She just turned 18, used four years of babysitting and mowing lawns money to buy a boat and is off to see the islands.

I’m a bit worried about her but she made it all the way from Olympia so I’m sure she will just keep on gunk holing her way around till it gets too cold.  Her little Ericsson is the perfect first time boat and seemed huge compared to Sookie.  I love young people because they haven’t yet learned that they are doing the impossible, or at least the thing age and experience beats out of us.  She left in June with $200.00 and a boat full of food, not a far cry from when I pushed Sookie out to find a better life in the islands.

It’s lonely and far too quiet now back on Sookie but I have much to do and every day is like Christmas as packages keep arriving and I try and sort a way to fit it all in.  So far my only option has been to reduce my food stores.  It looks like I can fit a one day emergency supply  plus the days riding food which I hope will be enough.  Should I flip my wig and ride across the southern border I will need to carry more food but less warmies, although I’m still wondering if I will ride a single mile… Either way my new warmies are stupid comfy and I love the camo print, they fit like a glove and will be the only thing between me and the elements on the cold days.  It was them or waterproof pants, I don’t have the budget or space for both, I’m quite pleased with my decision.  They look like they are see through but they are not, it’s just the awesome stealth camo.

I don’t know why the only choices in men’s athletic clothes are black and grey and fit like a sac of potatoes but it seriously pisses me off.  I was hoping to pedal off with all the colors  of the rainbow lighting me up like a billboard so all the cars could easily see me.  Clothes should be fun to wear, note to self, learn to sew so you can make your own shit!

“You all laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.” 

― John Davis

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