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I’ve been afraid to say the words out loud because in my current condition I won’t even be able to pedal to the mainland but still, it’s all I can think about.  My back is fucked, my budget is shit and my gear is seriously lacking.  They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting diffent results.  My one way ticket to Maui and 500 bucks was a lunatic endeavor, a journey fit for a mad man.

Touring one Brompton

Well I’m much more settled now and it looks like I will be setting off for the ferry with a cool, 750 smackers.  My goal is to make it to the ferry on Lopez island. If I make it that far I will continue one mile at a time, one day at a time for as long as my back hangs in there.  If I survive the first three days I’ll figure out a way to get a sleeping bag and cook set.

I have a pile of bike shit, new gears, new grips, a front bag for Brompty and a bunch of spare parts that I will never need now that I have them.  I’ll still need a new set of tires but the ones I have will get me to Oregon at least.  I can’t be bothered to replace them now because I might not make it that far.  Brompton makes a sweet in frame tool kit and that will find its way in my frame as well.  It’s all about baby steps on this one.

I’ve met a ton of touring cyclists this summer and I’m jacked to get out on the coast and do some exploring by bike.  My seven year anniversary with living car-less is in October so I hope my body holds out long enough.to celebrate that one on the road.  My contract ends in 35 days, holly shit that’s not enough time to finish my projects on sookie and get my ride together.

I will literally walk off one of the most physically demanding jobs I have ever had and 12 hours later be on the bike heading south with no rest or transition.  If I don’t beat the cool of fall I will freeze to death long before I run out of money and succumb to starvation. My biggest point of contention is my miserable as hell bike seat.  It’s fine for up to two hours but after that it becomes a torture chamber.

If I actually do this it will be a battle of riding as slow as humanly possible so I can explore the coast to the fullest but also a race against winter and my budget.  It’s all comming together, all I have to do is commit to the insanity and take the path less pedaled.  Maybe at the end I will finally find my bit of land and build my tiny home although in this chilly morning a tent cabin in Hawaii is sounding much more appealing, I really love my simple life…

“Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls” ~ Bob Weir, Grateful Dead

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