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I screwed myself again, or should I say I’ve been overly optimistic about my athletic abilities.  I’ve been banking on a smaller chain ring to give me the extra oomf to get up the big hills on my fully loaded Brompty.  It wasn’t until I took the chain off that imactually looked at my chain ring and discovered that it was a 44 already and not the 50.  Nowhere on the sales receipt did it say anything about the gearing so I just figured it was standard.

I was in optimal shape in Hawaii and still got my ass kicked, now I’m doomed.  Sure I could size down to a  39 ring buts that’s way too girly for me so I’m going to tough it out in my pink riding skirt.  The big question is do I replace my chain, carry the extra weight for when I will need to replace it, or just return it and get the  kewl tool, that fits in the frame and can fix just about everything on the bike, ok not everything but it’s sweet.

Touring on a brompton
I’m a bit miffed at the size of my new t bag, first of all in thier optimal brilliance Brompton decided to switch the awesome exterior storage pocket that is huge to the right side putting the water bottle holder on the left.  Aren’t um like 99% of humans right handed and the one percent that are left ambidexterous??? Fringing boneheads, it’s virtually deadly to get a sip of water now while on the fly.

Touring on a brompton
My new Ergon GP3 grips are the bomb, the shit foam ones left my wrists as numb as the Brompton seat leaves my manhood on the longer rides.  If it sounds like I’m complaining I’m not, I don’t expect good grips, pedals or saddle on any new bike at any price. Ok I’m totally bitching about the T bag and I’m sure it will be replaced with something that is not dumber than a sack of hammers but damn she rides nice fully loaded.

Touring on a brompton
The Relevate seat bag is kick ass and you don’t know it’s there but there is a big snafu, my fault.  You can’t lower the seat low enough to lock the frame so when transporting from bike to train, ferry or what ever it has to come off.  No big deal but not ideal for me.

That’s it and a bunch of spare parts just in case I decide to ride all the way to Panama, I’m covered. I don’t  have any days off and mornings and nights are devoted to Sookie so my first real ride will be the day I leave, if I leave and I really think I’m going to leave, unless I stay which I won’t, I don’t think, unless i do.

From the log of Sookie, bonking in Hawaii, the only easy day so far on this trip was yesterday.  I wrote these words in my journal everyday until I checked into the west wing.  

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