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I’m walking home from the food store, a 12 pack in one hand and my paper bag of goodies in the other.  There is a band in the park, hippies twirl and gyrate the rhythm pulses through me.  A deer runs across the road lit with golden rays of evening.  With each passing car I try and lift my thumb but there will be no rides today.  I say a hello to a cute girl in passing, stop and turn for a second look and we are eye to eye.

She starts picking blackberrys while I drop my bag in a delicious spot of sun on the side of the road.  We share a beer and she pulls out a spliff, we share that and a meal and good conversation about the island, we share everything.  I wake up in the most comefortable bed I’ve ever slept in, silky white sheets, big pillows and it’s warm.  Breakfast is fruit and coffee.

It’s raining today and foiling my finish coat on the bow Sprite so we laze around listening to music, sitting close and giggling and this or that.  Her long hair falls across my shoulder and I don’t want to leave.  The universe is fucking with me.  She drops me off at Sookie and we say good by, no exchange of numbers, she knows where to find me.  She drives ten feet and stops the car, gets out and runs back to give me one last kiss and a giant hug. She starts talking.  ” last night was so much fun, when can we do it again?”  I reply “how about right now”, she smiles and tells me about her work.  We make plans to make plans but we make none, still no exchange and she drives off.  I have a bit of time to set up for when the sun returns.

I tuck my new and still unworn shoes away and do some organizing of food that needs to be eaten.  I’m lazy and don’t want to work on anything, I pull on a thick pair of wool socks and hope for a calm day, the wind had me running crazy all day yesterday but now it’s calm, I can smell her on me, like flowers her scent lingers and I wonder if this is a tipping point, maybe I won’t be going anywhere or doing anything.  I tuck my new pink socks into my Brompty bag, there is a story here but for now I have to go off to work…

“So many went on a quest to tame her, 

The only man to win her heart was the one 

Who was also free.” 

― Nikki Rowe

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