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My great grandmother was a physic, she told me many things about my coming life the one and only time I met her.  She was on her death bed but her eyes were clear as the blue water I love sailing the most.  She told me things I would later learn about my self but at the time I thought she was crazy.

One of the things I’ve always carried with me is that she told me to surround myself in a pink cloud and would always be safe.  I’ve done this from that day foreward, sometimes it’s a self induced cloud, others it’s a pink tee or some other article of clothing.  I’ll never forget when my mom brought home a pink pair of Sperry topsiders for me, I was like, why the hell would she get me these but I loved them and to date I have always been safe, even in some of the most dangerous conditions in the world.

I was really hoping for some soft of high visibility pink kilt to wear on the cycling journey that I still have yet to commit to. But have given up as I simply couldn’t find a good fit.  I did find a great Terry thermal kilt for the cold days to go over my camo mangings but it’s a very disappointing grey, although it’s super warm and will let me change my clothes modestly right in the side of the highway. Man kilts are functional as hell when used right and the fit is perfect.

So I found these awesome pink socks to keep me safe on my journey although I’m sure the redneck idiots will have a few words but I have no issues with telling them where they can stick it.  So that’s that I have officially busted my budget and obtained everything I need except basic riding clothing tops and bottoms but for now a pair of runners and my old backpacking shirts will do. My contract ends in two weeks and that’s when the adventure will begin, I can hardly wait to see where my journey goes.

As for me, I will follow the path of the pink bunnies.” 

You can get your own pink Sperry’s by clicking right here 🙂

― Magenta Periwinkle

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