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Cape Lookout to Newport

Total 512

Miles 27

My tent blows up in a windstorm, water slowly infiltrates my down bag on the coldest night so far.  With the suddenness of a broken shoe lace I am transformed  into a cold, wet soggy mess of a man and now homeless.  I pack up my camp by headlamp and make my way to a long free warm shower till the sun comes up.

My goal today is a simple one, ride 27 miles to the J.Scott Cellars tasting room in Newport for a thick and meaty blood red Cab.  Today will be my greatest test of mental endurance. It starts out with a painfully slow pace, my knee is past done.  In Depot Bay I get a flat just before my last big climb and then the headwinds arrive over Cape Foulweather, they beat me backwards but I won’t be thwarted, I will, even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees have my glass of wine today.

Arrive by bike

Im now a hardened cyclist, nothing can thwart me.  I make it to Newport and just to piss off the wind, I take the long hilly Seneca route.  I arrive and after 512 miles of pedaling through everything under the sun I have my glass of wine with a huge smile.  I defy the no smoking sign and light a ciggi, I’m in heaven.  I spend a good hour sitting in the afternoon sun contemplating.

My knee is blown, my tent is blown, my budget is blown.  It’s time to take a serious look at my situation.  Two hours later I’m on a bus heading to Eugene.  I arrive at sunset, my iPad battery is dead, I have no phone, I’m lost, my blood sugar dangerously low and I can’t find my way around.  I check into a very expensive hotel.  I will take 4 hot showers and don’t check out till the exact second they make me.  Two days have passed, I’m still crippled.  I find the awesome guys at Arriving by bike, they helped me get Brompty ready for my Hawaii trip.  I blow my wad on new tires, they help me dial in Brompty and give lots of good advice, I love these guys, they have always taken care of me.

Lawn flamingo

Id rather have a dialed in system and no money than a few bucks and a bike that won’t get me there.  My new Marathon tires by Schwalbe ride like a dream, I can’t believe how nice they feel and they are much more puncture resistant, Brompty is ready to go but I’m not.

At this point I don’t know where to go or what to do, I won’t winter on Sookie so for now I am a man without a country so to speak.  No matter, this journey isn’t done, I just need to heal up, work a bit and in the spring I will pick up exactly where I left off. The road has given me a new direction in life, convinced me that I will ride all over the world and write about my journey.  Change is a good thing and my new path will be a land based one with big mountians to climb, storms to fight and many quiet roads to slowly linger on as I ride through life on the path less pedaled searching for a glass of wine and a happy ending…

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