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Brompton touring set up

i wake early due to being under constant attack by raccoons.  I’m almost out of food, I have 2 cliff bars and a hand full of peanuts, I will run out long before my ride is half way over, I must leave now.  Limping around my camp I break early and start a long lonely ride up a dark and foggy road that is so creepy the hairs on my spine are standing at the huge crashing sounds in the bushes, I’m being stalked.

today I will climb three capes, ride most of my ride on lonely quiet rides and be lost more than once which is half as many bears as I would encounter and twice as many cars that would pass me on two lonely sections totaling around 18 miles.  I’m learning to control the pain I’m feeling.  I know this isn’t a good thing but I promised that I would fully commit to quitting before I quit, for me that will end up being 192 miles of pain and torture.  Why? Because I’ve never found more joy or purpose in anything in my life, I seriously want to ride around the world or at least all over it, not on crowded roads like I am but still I want to travel by bike, sleep under the stars and deal with the elements as they set each new challange for me.  Of all the days I pray for no flats today it is more than ever.

The riding is easy now, there are no hills, no mountians, I am a road warrior and my legs turn the pedals like two well worn Pistons flattening even the steepest sections.  The road has made me strong and now wise, I’ve learned my pace and even janked it’s a respectable one.  I have become one with Brompty and we crank out miles of memories like a kid jacked on a whole bag of Halloween candies, we are bezerk with enthusiasm and take many side roads just to see where they go.  I power up the mountians and bomb down them, I say hi to every person I pass and stop often to chat about nothing and have a swig of water from a trail side river we skinny dipped in while talking about all the things we wished we had for lunch, we are in a food mood and can’t break it and who is this we?  Just a solo cyclist I met along the way.  I ride solo but it doesn’t mean I want to be alone, I just prefer to set my own pace while on the road but down time is a who different thing…

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