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Total miles 325

mikes 40


Salvation comes in many forms, for me today it was in the form of a McDonals and a bike shop, although we all know that salvation comes at a price.  Pedaling away with fully loaded tires, a Can of fosters beer and more instant coffee so I can drink cold coffee in the mornings until I find a fuel replacement life was good.

Touring on a brompton

Ive grown bored with the senery here in Washington which is good because tomorrow I will cross into Oregon and that’s where the trail really begins. WA was was a walk in the park compared to the challange of Oregon and it pretty much crushed me, I’m curious to see how I adapt in my new state. I’m only nine days into this journey and the road has sucked up half my budget so with a little creative financing and hopefully ten days to get as far south as I can and then I will pack up Brompty and hitchhike to wherever seems like a good place to regroup, save  few bucks and get back to wherever I leave off so I can make my way south again.  As short of a span as ten days may seem, I can’t even remember the person or place I left just 9’days ago, so much has happened I could never write about any of it but eventually my story will find its way to words.  Today was as easy as it was difficult, my legs are tired as am I of carrying my extra burden which I hope to dump,off somewhere soon.  The Oregon coast is one of many challanges and big hills constantly.

Touring food

i finished my ride in Long Beach, a wonderful town with everything but a coffee shop.  I’ve been tearing out the pages of my very old guide book and it’s close to half the weight and thickness I left with.  When my chance comes I going to become a gram weenie and dump everything I can to lighten my load for the next ten days.  Not sure why I brought a passport and the titanium pot is light but I don’t use it as I’ve failed at every cooked meal other than coffee so that was more wasted money.


its funny how I get by in life with so little but every year when I make a bone headed trip like this one, I bring every thing but the kitchen sponge even though I fresh off the last trip where I used little to nothing.  I guess I’m just like the guys pulling the 50′ motor homes thinking they can’t leave anything behind.  I saw my first bear just after dawn, some elk but still no Sasquach.  It gets eerie on some of the quiet stretches listening to all the bump in the woods and wondering what is out there watching you.

my Vouri ramming tights and Terry skirt are still at the top of my hero list as are many other things but keeping my iPad charged is a challange so I will save my gear reviews for another time and place.


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