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Ciggis smoked 10

miles  34

cost 36.00

Touring on a brompton

Heros and villains, my bike grips are for sure the heroes as is my Terry mankilt.  The big villain is my bike seat which was replaced with a newer Brompton seat and now I’m desperate to replace this seat again with something not Brompton.  Imagine being reamed and tortured analy, this is what this seat is like as was its predecessor. I’m in no small amount of pain but unlike yesterday where I was crushed, I feel good and could drop another 20 or more miles if I didn’t have dinner plans in Port Townsend.

Touring on a brompton

The thing about your first day is it will never be the same after that.  The freedom and exileration of finally being free, the pain of finally being out on the road and the sheer beauty of your new surrounds.  Everything will continue to change and with each new experience so will you.


Day one ended with a complet meal fail, that heavy shit I brought was rotten and I was too crushed to to anything other than go to bet stinky, sweaty and tired.  A little girl on tour brought me a chocolate chip cookie, it was the best cookie I have ever had.

Touring on my Brompton

I have six speeds, by 8:00 am I had used all of them.  The dry crackle of rubber and dirt fiollow me down a lonely patch of single track and I make my way around a hill it’s way too early to climb.  Deception Pass camp ground is a shit hole with fighter jets blasting overhead well into the night.  Everytime I fall asleep I’m woken by the sound of afterburners. I can’t get out early enough. One cup of coffee and I’m on the road, it’s up hill the whole fucking way, quads burning, granny gear churning, I’m so sick of being so worn out.  I figure it will take at least a week for my body to recover from the summer and another to build back up into cycling shape.  I didn’t spend one second training or preparing in any way shape or form for this ride.

I make it to oak harbor, I shouldn’t be this tired but I am, all I want is coffee and Mc donalds, I want it on this side of the street because I’m too tired to cross to the other.  It’s way too early in the trip to be fantasizing about spandex but my balls really hurt.  I see an Arby’s then Taco hell then lots of fast food stores and another Arby’s, are there really two or am I actually riding this slow.  I see a sign for a Starbucks but it’s out of buisiness, the whole strip mall is.  On the edge of town I pay 7 bucks for a cup of coffee and some form of  strawerry fruit thing.  There is a plastic cup separating the gornola  from the yogurt but I’m too stupid or tired or both to figure this out its 9:54 am

The barrage of high speed traffic is a constant assault on the mind, huge trucks blast by at 50 mph, not only do they not winded the gap but they cross the little white line into my already too small of space, I hate cars and thier selfish drivers, after 8 years of being careless I make a vow that I will never again own one.

ive been climbing for over half an hour, this hill seems endless but I find myself shifting out of granny into my second gear, then my third and 4th, I’m finding my legs.  Then smell of rancid fruit and horse shit make me smile, this is really real and I’m here, after yesterday I was very afraid of today but by 11:40 I’m on the ferry to Port Towmsend.  I’ve crushed this day and even though it was only a short 30 miles, that’s pretty close to what I’m hoping for the whole trip, I’m trying to go slow and really take it all in.

i stink like fuck and need a good shower and to do a bit of laundry, I’m digging riding in my running shorts but spent half of the day fantasizing about spandex, or a new seat or both, neither are in the budget but the fantasies keep me going, spirits are very high but I’m tired and want a cold beer and slice of pizza, first a shower is in order.

After a glorious shower I shared laundry with a cute sailorette I met, out unmentionables did unmentionable things in the dryer while she played the flute as I plucked my uke in the lazy afternoon sun. My day continued to awesome on every front but the rest is private.

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