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Total mileage 119.5 seems like more 🙂

miles 36

ciggis smoked 12

money spent 31 and I’m way over my damn budget 🙁

Touring on a brompton

today has been the day from Hellas the single most dangerous of my life. I woke up to a soaking wet world, uphill straight off the bat and the most dangerous road of my life, if today had been day one I would have quit this journey sold Brompty and gotten a job at McDonalds, although I’m still desperately searching for one for breakfast.


The guide book scared the shit out of me as I read it’s words. It said 16 miles of dangerous roads, that was total bs.  24 miles of hell on wheels and again I’m questioning why I am here and what I’m doing.  Today was not fun in any manner as huge logging truck, dump,trucks and crazy driver whizzed by litteraly inches from me.

Brompton bike tour

Im going to take this moment to pull out the cripple card, with my double vision and dyslexia this journey is just plain fucking stupid.  I see two of everything but the one on the right is what’s really on the left and obviously the one on the other side doesn’t belong there either.

Bike touring bromptonThere was almost no shoulder with a three foot trench at the edge, I had vertigo the whloe time and with my overstuffed load the bike is still awkward in these very challenging situations.  I wanted to take a picture but was too fucking scared to stop.  Also way too many bridges and crowned roads on blind curves that are one of the most dangerous parts of cycling.  For twenty straight hilly miles I pedaled like is was being chased by the devil.  I have never in my life been this scared or shaken up, this shit sucks but I’m hoping it’s well behind me.

Brompton bike tour 2016

Its cold as fuck today, my hands and toes numb the whole day riding in the wet pacific north west mist.  Pulling out of my hell ride , chilled to the bone I spotted a small shop.  I walked in shivering and trembling and had to beg the guy to brew me a cup of coffee.  Stretching outside, the smell of burning wood, the cry of many eagles me the low overhanging mist was as beautiful as anything in the world.  You can’t just drive up and witness this kind of emotion.  What I experienced was heaven on earth, thousands of memories flooded me from a lifetime of road trips.  This is what I live for, this brief moment in time.

The  next four miles are very emotional, tears of joy stream down my cheeks, I find a post office, my front bag is 24.12 still to much.  I hate to do it but I commit to sending away my still unused Nikon and my uke, it’s just not safe.  A big iPhone would be perfect but with my iPad it takes too much effort to unpack and tke snap shots so I don’t.

Im sitting In a warm, no hot coffee shop.  My fingers and toes are burning, the girl that helps me is cute and sweet and a joy to be around.  My comfy leather chair squeaks as I squirm around trying to find the right angle for my road weary ass, I’m spent but there are many more miles today, I want to live right here in this chair, I’m never leaving this spot.  Somewhere on some un named traffic infested hill I crossed my first hundred miles, this trip just started and I’m already past ten percent of the journey.  I need to learn to slow down, we all do.

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