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I’m  jamin on my new uke when I hear a scratch on my hull, it’s Casey, she’s crying and hiccuping and sniffeling.  Her journey has been a long hard and lonely one and she is starting to discover what all solo sailors do, that it can be fucking lonely out there cut off from our tribe.



I’ve been been there so many times, in many ways I’m there right now. While I have many aquantences living close to the way I choose I have very few that live on the edge the way i do, it’s hard for people to understand our life and lifestyle when they are so far removed. In many ways I’m completely burned out from the last year of sailing cycle touring working and always sleeping in my damn tent but in others I recharged and ready to move on. I’m getting pretty used to chasing the seasons.

I want to invite Casey with me but I don’t and I won’t, she is too young and has to find her own journey and to make her own way.  I row out to her little boat and we have wine as I wipe away her tears, I offer to sail home with her…

Back in my life I’m only 9 fingers away from my next journey and up until she showed up I didn’t even know what it was.  My search for a community of people who live a full time existence of minimalism and simplicity while pushing every boundary of exploring thier lifes.

I used to climb but I don’t fit in to with the climbers. I was a surfer but that’s not my tribe.  Skiing and Mountian biking ruled my world for years but it’s not that either.  It’s iut there, this I know and I will continue the search for my humans, I know They will show up when the time is right, serveral of them did last night in the form of two Lyle Hess boats showing up and an offer for a place to chill in San Diego although that is many miles from where I am floating now.

“Don’t waste your time being what someone wants you to become, in order to feed their list of rules, boundaries and insecurities. Find your tribe. They will allow you to be you, while you dance in the rain.”
― Shannon L. Alder

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