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I ripped the entire boat apart looking for my headlamp but it was nowhere to be found.  I had an uber stealthy credit at Moosejaw due to them being awesome and me spending way too much on my new sleeping garb.  One buck was all it took to send a new headlamp and cross the last item off my list but something was missing, I had this nagging feeling that I was blowing it when it hit me, I have no way to make music each night in camp.  No excuse to pull over and sit in the shade for hours upon hours doing nothing but plucking my strings and absolutely no chick magnet.  A light bulb went off…

I pulled up my bank account and was faced with enough money for food and a camp site each night for two full months or a new uke and thirty days of living like a scrub and a bit of involuntary  dieting. A duhh, I pulled up www.ukulelesite.com and started my search.  If I had all my dreams come true I would spend the next year in Hawaii studying uke on a brand new Ko Aloha tenor with voice lessons to boot but alas I was given a greater gift of figuring out how to sing and play this gem all by myself.

Regardless of price a new uke needs to be set up and the guys at the uke site do free set up on all new Ukes and free shipping If you spend over 400 bucks and I did but I still didn’t think they would have time to get it for me before I shove off.  I ordered on a Monday afternoon or maybe it was Tuesday and they had it in my hands by the following Friday.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted set up wise so i just turned it over to the pros and I must say even after a very long absence away and with very little talent  this thing plays like it was built for me.

I opened the package and was shocked at how beautiful my new little concert uke is, every detail down to the tuners are impossibly perfect.  It’s going to take a while to make this baby sing but I’ve been rocking out on the dock, in my camp, at work, on the beach and every place I go.  My fingers are sore and tender but they just need a few more laps around the fretboard.  To top it all off they upgraded me to a sic super plush gig bag and sent a dehumidifier along for good measure.  To put it very simply Stormy approves of the whole staff at the uke site and so should you 🙂

Ukuleles will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through time with no ukulele – anonymous

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